A&Z Interlock Now Installing Gator Base Foundations

What is Gator Base?

Gator Base is a Canadian product that replaces up to 6” of aggregate for interlock foundations.  It is designed to withstand the freeze-thaw cycles of the Ottawa winter and still keep your interlock smooth and level as good as a traditional crushed stone foundation.  

Gator Base Advantages:

  • Projects can be installed faster
  • Hidden gas lines, phone lines? No problem for Gator Base
  • Installation in areas machines can’t reach
  • The larger surface area under pavers mean better load transformation
  • Water permeable and drainage built in
  • Reduces CO2 emissions of the project
  • Reduced material removed and put in the landfill


What is the Gator Base installation process?

Installing Gator Base to use as your interlock foundation is very similar to traditional methods.  First, our crews excavate a minimum of 6” of soil. We level and compact the project area while maintaining a 1-degree slope so water heads away from the home.  Gator Base uses channels built in that are engineered to help water flow away from your house.  Next, we add a non-woven geotextile fabric with a layer of ¾” clear stone. Usually, we would need to add tons of stone but with Gator Base we use their tongue and groove system and lay the tiles over the project area.  Now we have a completely uniform surface and we lay the pavers on top just like we would for any other project. The edges are securely fastened down using butterfly anchor screws, this will prevent the edges from sinking in the ground and keeps your patio in better condition for longer.  The final step is adding and compacting the polymeric sand that keeps weeds from growing between the pavers.

Is Gator Base Right For You?

A&Z Clients love the advantages that Gator Base offers.  In some instances, Gator Base isn’t an appropriate product. For example, if you are interlocking your driveway then we cannot use Gator Base as the interlock foundation.  Before we begin the design our expert can educate you on the Gator Base difference and make a determination on which product is best for your landscape renovation.

The A&Z Interlock Difference

Going with a Gator Base foundation means you get to enjoy your interlock project faster and with far less clean up.  For more information about Gator Base interlock, foundations visit our page dedicated to Gator Base. To book an in-home consultation with our designer, check out the contact us page!
For more technical information about Gator Base check out the page on the A&Z website.