Landscaping Drainage Solutions In Ottawa

Without proper drainage, your interlock and landscape project is at risk of sagging and becoming unlevel very quickly.  If the water isn’t channelled properly it either pool under your patio or flows and takes your landscape foundation with it. 

A&Z Interlock will only install drainage as part of a landscape renovation or interlock build.  

Choose A Company That Prioritizes Proper Drainage

It is our mission to build interlock and landscape projects that out last work done by the competition.  In order to achieve that goal, our designers consider all aspects of how water is directed in your yard.  Things like eavestroughs, downspouts, slope, and soil composition all need to be carefully analyzed to determine what kind of drainage will be adequate.  We can use catch basins, channel drains, french drains, slope drains, weeping drains and permeable pavers to ensure your project drains all the water away from your house and foundation. 

What Type Of Drainage Options Are Available For Interlock?

Channel Drains

These are long narrow drains added to patio or deck edges and in between main structures. The channel drains are connected to underground pipe systems and will have grate covers to prevent leaf and grass blocking the drain.

Ditch & Slope Drains

They are small ditches or slopes found along the edge of the yard to get rid of excess water. These may be paved or simply landscaped with the ideal slope being one percent for the paved slope and two percent for the landscaped slopes.

French Drains

These are added to the landscape to prevent the soil and surfaces from getting saturated. French drains are constructed from perforated drain pipes which are then covered with grass or rocks.

Deck Drains

Usually placed at the bottom of sloped surfaces so that excess water filters through them. They are designed to drain patio surfaces. Deck drains are distinctive in that they are attractive and have decorative covers made of metal, brass or stone.

Catch Basins

The catch basins are designed to prevent excess water from accumulating in and around the foundation of the home.

Water Permeable Design

Water permeable pavers are designed to allow water to flow through them and back into the ground in a more natural way. 

Drainage is so important if you want your landscape project to last. If your landscape contractor doesn’t have a plan to mitigate against water flowing then start looking for a new landscaping company!

Let our designer explain how we will handle drainage in your yard.  Book your FREE in-home consultation today. 

Want to learn more about drainage and water permeable solutions for your yard? Read our blog. 

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