If you are thinking about building a patio or renovating the current one, selecting the suitable Ottawa interlock pavers for your home can make all the difference between ordinary and spectacular.  

What are Ottawa interlock pavers?

Interlocking pavers are the placement of stone pavers next to each other, and the result is a visually attractive design. Depending on how you lay the stones, it can be eye-catching or soothing. It is all in the design you choose.

These pavers are not restricted to the patio area. Consider extending them into the walkways in the area, the fire pit, as a basis for your own secluded nook, or even on a retaining wall. Interlocking paving stones are not just for the backyard. They can be used to create a stand-out driveway or surround your entryway water feature. They make great stepping stones interspersed in the flower gardens, making it easier to plant, weed, and enjoy the area.

What are the benefits of interlock pavers?

Interlocking is a combination of flexibility, durability, and safety. Let’s look at some of the features separately.


They offer a stylish look that will coordinate with any architectural style and landscape design. Concrete or asphalt is simple and only comes in one colour. Using interlocking pavers gives your exterior some pizzazz, which will make your home stand out in the neighbourhood and give you hours of enjoyment.


With the volume of colours, sizes, and shapes, you can create your own special design pattern. Using some creativity and online programs, you can manipulate the stones into a pattern that is unlike anything you see at other homes.


No one wants to invest in a project where you will need to replace the materials in only a few years. Interlocking pavers, when installed correctly, can last for up to 30 years.


Washing with a garden hose will remove much of the accumulation. Add a little sweep with a broom, and you are done. Perhaps once per year, use your power washer to give the patio an excellent cleansing. When you catch the weeds, start to peek through the cracks. Just remove them and throw them away. Add a little more filler if you think it is necessary.


Choosing non-slip pavers means less worry about missteps that can cause injuries.

Installing interlock in your patio!

It is hard to find a product for your hardscaping that is better than interlocking pave stones. They are versatile and attractive. They will add value to your home and give you the opportunity to enjoy them for many years. If you have questions or concerns, contact our office, and we will have a specialist speak with you.