Outdoor Custom Fire Place

What better way to spend a fall evening than sitting in front of your backyard outdoor fireplace. Listen to the crackles, see the sparks and smell the smoke from the burning wood. 

Think of all the benefits of and outdoor fire place…

Extend the usability of your landscape well into the Fall season and early Spring. 

Make an amazingly intimate area for entertaining.

Increase the amount of time spent with family and friends. 

Keeps bugs away with natural smokey repellant.

Amazing possibilities for entertaining and enjoying your yard.

Why Fire Features Are So Popular

Having access to a fire is such a rare commodity.  The warmth and beauty aren’t emulated by any other material. Outdoor gas-burning fires are so easy to turn on and off and there is minimal risk of starting fires to structures.  


Propane Fire Tables 

In Ottawa, wood burning fires are not permitted. The sleek and modern designs are portable, temporary and modular in design.  When the Ottawa winter comes they can easily be stored in the garage for protection.  Don’t want to run out of propane?  These fire tables can be connected to you homes gas fitting so you’ll never have to refill that cylinder again.  

Outdoor Fireplace Legality in Ottawa?


Fireplace and chimneys are illegal within the city limits.  Currently, if you live in Ottawa wood-burning fireplaces are prohibited.  Your only choice to satisfy you desired for combustion is charcoal burning fireplaces designed exclusively for cooking.  Fire tables that burn propane are popular choices that are convenient to use, modular in design and have on-off switches.  For more information about burn permits in Ottawa call our offices.

Live outside the city limits? Burn bans might not pertain to your area so lets chat and check the local zoning regulation in your area. 

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