2021 Landscape Design Trends Are Here!

The Techo-Bloc 2021 Design Guide is out and went through it highlighted some of the best landscape features we will be recommending to Ottawa homeowners this season.  With lots of pavers to choose it’s easy to find interlock pavers to match your budget or creativity.  Our guide will focus on trends in Ottawa and how to work with paver colour, shape, scale & texture to make an incredible landscape in your yard!

Interlock pavers are the most popular landscaping renovation material in Ottawa.  Interlocking paving stones are probably one of the most versatile materials available for both commercial and residential landscaping projects. Interlocking paving stones are basically concrete pavers designed to be used in lieu of concrete or asphalt.  One of the reasons they are so popular in urban and rural residences because they are strong, durable, and affordable over their lifespan. Interlocking concrete paving is seen across Ottawa. The typical locations in projects we work on are patios, walkways, driveways, pools, front yards and backyards. Here are the latest trends from the largest concrete paver manufacturer in Canada.

 We strongly support Techo-Bloc because of the consistently reliable high quality pavers they supply.  As a leader in landscape design they are continually innovating designs and improving technology to improve the style and functionality of yards in Ottawa! Here is our take on the Techo-Bloc trends for 2021!

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Luxury Options Like Gas Fires Are More Affordable Than Ever!

We saw an uptick in the number of customers choosing to install additional features like fire pits, barbecues and recessed lighting in their interlock.  Techo-Bloc offers a number of prefabricated solutions to enable Ottawa homeowners to get these luxury finishes without having to sell all your Game Stop shares.  These products allow regular homeowners to incorporate what were once luxury finishes unaffordable for the average customer.

Custom Outdoor Kitchens

No one likes ordering takeout and getting soggy food in a Styrofoam container! With lockdown in full effect and no travel this summer we think there is going to be a massive spike in customers requesting upgrades to their outdoor kitchen and grilling areas.  Upgrades could be installing an interlock patio for dining, a counter to prepare mise en place or a full-on kitchen with plumbing and electricity!  Most customers only require a bit of counter space and built-in feature and that an affordable way to take your barbecue to the next level without spending six figures!

outdoor kitchen

Terraced Patios With Interlock Steps

Techo-Bloc is offering a wide range of precast paver steps that integrate with their entire catalogue of pavers.  By using end stones and capping material elevated terraces can be made for even modest landscape renovation budgets!

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Multifaceted Landscape Designs

Techo-Bloc recommends giving your home more charm by including 2 unique and distinct designs between the front yard and backyard.  Have fun by showing styles that are completely different and contrast each other.  While this does sound like fun we aren’t convinced the average Ottawa resident will want something so bold.  Plus by using the same materials in the front and back yard landscaping allows for more economical use of pavers and materials.  For customer who

Going Green With Interlock 

Using pavers with grass growing between the interlock is a trend growing in popularity.  We haven’t seen this trend take off in Ottawa just yet.  Presumable this is because of how difficult it is to grow healthy grass in this climate.  We think the style looks great but our clients haven’t requested this style of landscape.

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Textured Pavers With Faux Wood & Stone Style

Textured pavers make any design more interesting.  The traditional brick paver is timeless but modern manufacturing allows paved landscapes to have incredible new designs that include textured patio slabs and pavers.  Retaining walls can be made to look like railway ties and slabs can have the appearance of wood grain or sand. There are lots of ways to experiment and design something truly incredible or you can take a look at all the Techo-Bloc designs and we can build it for you!

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Landscape Design Guide Continued:

Choosing Paver Colours

Interlock doesn’t have to be all grey and black! With A&Z we offer a full selection of earth tones and bold colours in every style of interlock from small pavers to large paving slabs. 

Shape & Scale

Play with the shape and scale of your interlock pavers to create stunning visual effects and landscape designs. With Techo-Bloc all the customer needs to do is point and we can build it! 

PAver Textures

Choose interlock pavers that have textured surfaces. Enjoy the feeling of walking on textures like wood, stone and more. The latest textured paves create stunning visual effects.

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