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Building lifelong customers through our commitment to quality driveways using interlock in Ottawa. Our work is backed by an outstanding warranty. We will help you choose a design that matches the style of your home. You are going to love coming home to your perfect driveway each and every day.

Exceptional Build Quality

When we build Ottawa interlock driveways we deliver quality work built on a deep foundation that is guaranteed to perform for years to come.  Digging deep enough foundations, specified aggregate compaction and using interlock edging means our interlock projects perform better over time. From Orleans to Kanata A&Z has installed driveways across the city of Ottawa.

The A&Z Interlock Driveway Difference

  • 100% warrantied or we don’t take the job
  • 12-inch granular gravel (GA) foundation
  • Excellent compaction of the base to ensure no settling
  • Stone dust to layer to deliver a level surface
  • Interlock edging is installed preventing sunken edges
  • Customizable (paver size, colour, pattern, border, etc).
  • Backfill around perimeter
  • G2 Polymeric sand for strong joints and no weeds

Installing foundations to industry specification, using edging constraints and ensuring maximum compaction our Ottawa interlock driveways stand the test of time and look amazing for years to come. We carry a wide variety of colours and patterns of interlock in Ottawa to choose from that will make your home look its best. From start to finish, our team will be with you every step of the way to make sure you are completely satisfied with your new driveway!

With easy access driveways are the perfect job to squeeze in the spring or fall. Schedule your Ottawa interlock driveway today.

How Do Asphalt and Interlock in Ottawa Compare?

Interlock is superior to asphalt in almost every way. 

When comparing interlock to other driveway construction materials they just do not compare.

Asphalt is very soft and pliable on a warm summer day

If you park a trailer on your driveway on a hot day and the driveway will be permanently scarred.  Even light-duty trucks can leave a dent in your asphalt.  Easily preventable by distributing the load with a block of wood but mistakes happen.

Lost aggregate & cracking over time

As interlock ages, it remains smooth and level but asphalt driveways continually lose aggregate creating a rough surface.  When water penetrates your driveway and freezes it cracks.  Once damages asphalt cannot be restored to its original beauty.


Maintenance & Sealing

Asphalt require sealing at least every 24 months to keep it looking nice.  A 2 car driveway slurps up 4 buckets of DIY sealer and the consumer-grade products just don’t perform.

Performance vs. Cost

Because of the labour and material, interlock does have a higher initial cost.  But when you compare the cost over 25-50 years interlock offers far better value despite the higher initial investment.

If cost is an issue often-times customers opt for a driveway extension.  Widening your driveway on either side with an interlocking design of your choosing.  This allows for extra parking and seriously improves the curb appeal of your home.

Interlock Driveway Testimonial

Working with Sarah was a great pleasure for A&Z Interlock. She interviewed many contractors for interlock in Ottawa. With each meeting, she knew the design solution for her unique grading issue wasn’t right for her. Our experience allowed us to identify the grading issue, and recommend a design that would work on her property and she was very happy with the results.

City of Ottawa Driveway Zoning, Easements & By-Laws

Some Ottawa properties are prohibited from widening their driveways because of zoning and regulation. Interlock driveways allow homeowners to circumvent these regulations because interlock in Ottawa is considered temporary and can be removed and replaced.  We understand that family parking in a single lane driveway can be a pain and our team provides creative solutions to your parking trouble.

Interlock Driveway Design

Our skilled and experienced designer schedules a time to meet in your home and discuss the possibilities for your new driveway. Together we compare other landscaping elements and features of your house. This meeting ensures A&Z Interlock Ottawa delivers a final product you will love!

Factors we consider are slope, grade, drainage and of course the utility of the area. Let us guide you through the process of choosing your preferred interlock paver size, colour and patterns.

Our team is highly professional and we never sacrifice quality on materials or cut corners during installation. Our commitment to quality workmanship is demonstrated through our warrantied work. We know you will love working with us so let’s start today!

Interlock Driveways & Driveway Extension Projects

How To Find The Best Installer for Interlock In Ottawa

Choose The Right Contractor

Take a walk around your neighbourhood and you’ll see that not all interlock contractors are committed to the same quality of work.  Our work is warrantied so you can be confident that your interlock driveway will stand the test of time.

Look For An Established Company

We’ve seen mistakes like Interlock being installed upside down or stone dust is used as a foundation… it’s not a wonder landscaping companies come and go. With a track record of creating amazing Ottawa landscaping projects since 2005, our customers are confident we will be there for warranty work, after service care and repeat business.

Meeting Multiple Companies

Put our process to the test and make sure our design and ideas are right for you.  Finding the right interlock contractor is about more than the price on the quote.  Choose the company who offers the best solution, ideas and shares your landscaping vision.

Learn More About Interlock Driveways

Single car driveways, double-wide driveways, driveway extensions, decorative borders, grading solutions, proper drainage… we have all the resources right here at A&Z Interlock Ottawa.

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Want to see more of our projects?

We do more than just interlock driveways!

Free In-Home Landscape Design Consultation

Set an appointment with one of our landscape designers and tell them your vision for your landscape project. Or let them share their years of experience and help you make the best decisions for your space, style, and budget.

Great landscape designs change over time. Meeting you is an opportunity for our team to better understand your needs and expectations.

We really look forward to meeting you and hearing you and hearing what you had in mind in your outdoor living space.


A great design should suit your style and personality. By meeting our designer can better understand the goals of your yard.  Are you trying to keep a low maintenance are or create harmony between indoor & outdoor space?


Landscaping estimates are calculated using square footage of the yard. It is very important the measurements are precise and accurate to deliver better designs and value to our customers. 


Not sure if your yard is big enough for a radial interlock patio?  Got questions on how to extend your budget to include a luxury feature.  Our years of experience and product knowledge helps our clients get the outdoor living space they are dreaming of.

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A&Z Interlock provides professional landscape construction and design services to residential homeowners in the Ottawa Ontario area. Watch your home transformed as we turn your yard into the patio you always dreamed of. Since 2005 Ottawa landscaping clients have been delighted with our service, warranty, and after-sales care.
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