Professional Interlock Repairs In Ottawa

At one time your interlock patio was pristine and in perfect condition.  But now it is uneven and you don’t know why.  A&Z Interlock repairs interlock jobs by removing the pavers, repairing the foundation, replacing the pavers and refreshing the polymeric sand.  Restore the beautiful look of your patio with affordable interlock restoration service.

We Fix Interlock Foundations

Fixing problems with interlock is more than just making it look even again.  Properly install interlock should last for decades, not years.  Our interlock repairs service attempts to identify the problem that is causing your issue to appear.  Our interlock repairs aren’t just superficial fixes.  We remove the bricks repair the underlying issues (usually foundation related) and professional reinstall your interlock patio.

Common Interlock Problems In Ottawa

  • Pavers are uneven and heaving
  • Pavers are being buried around the edges
  • Water is pooling on the patio

Read on our article on the most common interlock repairs for more information about these specific interlock issues.

Landscape repair services in Ottawa.  If your interlock wasn’t installed by a professional A&Z Interlock can rescue you from disaster! 

A&Z Interlock Repairs Techo-Bloc & Permacon Landscaping Products

Cracked Slab Pavers

Cracked interlock slabs are the easiest repairs to make!  Cracking interlock is usually the result of physical force being applied and requires minimal foundation repair.  To fix a cracked slab paver we simply need to lift it out of the patio and replace it with a new one. 


Repairing Discontinues Interlock Products

Techo-Bloc & Permacon sometimes discontinue older interlock designs.  If this is the case we can try to match your interlock with their updated product line or replace the broken slab with the same product removed from an area that is out of sight. 


Lost aggregate & cracking over time

As interlock ages, it remains smooth and level but asphalt driveways continually lose aggregate creating a rough surface.  When water penetrates your driveway and freezes it cracks.  Once damages asphalt cannot be restored to its original beauty.


Pressure Washing, Cleaning & Sealing Dirty Interlock

Failure to properly seal your interlock patio leaves it dull as it’s exposed to rain and sun.  In some cases interlock pavers can ever be stained.  Hire A&Z Interlock to restore your old and dirty interlock patio with commercial grade pressure washing and remove years of dirt.  Your patio will look as a good as new and after washing your interlock we can reseal the bricks, so they stay looking shiny and new! 


Replacing Interlock Polymeric Sand 

Interlocking bricks use polymeric sand to prevent weeds from growing between your pavers and make complete a professional finish.  As your patio ages it is normal for the polymeric sand to slowly be eroded away.  A&Z repairs interlock patios with missing polymeric sands by removing the old sand and replacing it with fresh sand.  In fact modern polymeric sand has technological improvements compared to older sands and are much stronger are last much longer!  

Weeds Coming Through Your Interlock?  Call The A&Z Repair Team Today!

Repairing Newly Installed & Poorly Aging Landscaping Projects.  Restore The Patio & Backyard To The Quality You Deserve. 

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