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Permacon has 13 plants in Quebec & Ontario creating unique new designs for Ottawa landscape renovations.  A&Z Interlock is an authorized installer for Permacon pavers in Ottawa.  For best results and warrantied installation, always hire a professional to work on creating your outdoor living space!

Link to down the full Permacon catalogue for Ottawa home-owners is at the bottom of the page!

Cassera Permacon Paver

Cassera pavers are great for laying patterns that are linear in design.  They look great for modern designs that feature long straight lines. Coming in a variety of lengths customers can choose from a few tesselation patterns and add extra depth on their project.   These pavers look great for patios, pools, spas, sidewalks and driveways.  

Lexa Permacon Paver

The Lexa Collection from Permacon provides a highly textured and granular finish that goes after an urban look.  We love working with Lexa pavers and slabs because they are very versatile in laying linear or modular (blocky) designs.  They are ideal pavers for driveways and other areas with long straight lines. 

Melville Permacon Paver

Melville pavers have a contemporary design with smooth tiles that have long edges.  They come in a selection of 8 colours making them versatile in matching every home.  They are great for modular and linear patterns and can be seen as an Ottawa interlock choice for driveways.

Mondrian Permacon Paver

These pavers are deliberately large in size.  The paver is designed to appear like chiselled stone and is very popular amongst more adventurous home-owners.  It comes in a variety of bright and vibrant colours and is made from top quality materials.  

Paleo Permacon Paver

Like the name paleo might suggest this paver has an antique look that has a warm and soft feel.  This paver will stand the test of time and when installed it already has a lived-in stone look.  Their size makes them great for linear and curved designs in walkways, patios and driveway landscape designs. 

Vendome Permacon Paver

These pavers have an old ancient look and uneven cobblestone appearance.  Imagine being transported back centuries and walking through a medieval courtyard.  These chiselled stones have soft round edges and work great for pool decks, patios and decorative borders.  They are excellent pavers for linear tesselation patterns. 

Visit Permacon and you can see all the products of interlock pavers, slabs and colours.  Click the button and download the Permacon Catalogue.  Got Questions? Just email or call and we would be glad to answer any questions about Permacon availability and custom landscape designs in your area.

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