Outdoor Custom Interlock Fire Pit

Backyard fire pits in are an increasingly popular design choice. They can be made from interlock pavers, bricks or custom masonry work.  This page will help you choose fire pits to suit your yard.

Design Elements When Choosing a Backyard Fire Pit

Size and Space Required

The size of your patio will be the biggest factor in determining the size of your fire pit and the location.  With the heat that is put off from your fire, you want to provide enough room for guests to move back if the heat or smoke is too much.  

Fire Pit Shape

With fire pits, your only real choice is circular or rectangular.  Circular pits can usually be put in smaller spaces and allow for everyone to get an excellent view of the flames.  If you are planning on sitting with large groups we recommend circular designs. 

How Will You Use The Fire? 

Is this for sitting around and keeping people warm, cooking or just for ambiance?  By answering these questions our designer can help you choose between shape, size, and location of the structure. 

Wood Burning or Propane?

Wood burning fire pits give off a lot more heat and offer the amazing sound and smell of real fire.  Propane fires can be modular in design and purchased from a local fireplace store.  Customers can choose to use propane tanks or run natural gas from the line running into the home. 

Other Fire Pit Considerations

What material will your fire pit be made from?  Brick and mortar solutions, stacked stones or steel bowls are all popular design choices. Choosing a fire pit is a personal choice and ultimately comes down to how to plan on using the space.  Do you want to set an appointment with your fire (wood burning) or would you rather have an on-off switch (propane)?  Our designers can help you choose the product that suits your style, design, and budget. 

Are Outdoor Fire Pits Legal in Ottawa?


As the saying goes, safety never takes a holiday! Currently, open-air fire pits are only permitted in rural areas.  You can read the full regulations on the Burn Permit page.  Open-air refers to fire pits, fireplaces, and chimneys.  The only way to include fire pits within city limits are if it is solely used to cook food, and does not burn wood.  They must burn charcoal or propane and be ULC approved.

Live in Nation, cottage country or outside the city limits? Then the open air fire burning regulations will be different.  Each location has different laws and we can help you determine the legality of burning wood where you live.  But within the Ottawa city boundaries, propane if going to be your best option.  

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