Gator Base

Gator Base Better Landscape Foundation

Gator Base is an interlock foundation that replaces traditional aggregate. 


Gator Base Advantages

  • Gator Base replaces 6 inches of crushed stone
  • Faster installation
  • Built to last
  • Better load transformation
  • Strong enough to handle Ottawa’s freeze & thaw cycles
  • Great for tight places
  • Faster installation

When installing Gator Base we use official Alliance distributed products

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Gator Base Specification

  • Equivalent to 288 lbs of crushed stone
  • Replaces 6 in of compacted crushed stone
  • Evacuates water through the channel
  • Manufactured using lightweight high-density polypropylene
  • Environment-friendly and 100% recyclable
  • Extremely durable, will not degrade in the ground
  • Designed with LOCK-N-GO tongue and groove system
  • Gator Base Insulation has an R-Value of 3.6 (per inch thickness)
  • Will significantly reduce the number of freeze and thaw cycles

Download the full technical data sheet (TDS) here


Gator Base Is Engineered For:

 Interlock Drainage

Gator Base is made to divert water away from the interlock.  Its has a 1 degree slope draining water through holes and evacuation channels.  

lock in place drainage

Great Load Transfer

Gator Base panels distribute loads more evenly eliminating too much pressure from foot traffic.   

gator load transfer

Freeze Thaw Protection

Gator Base has a patented tongue and groove system that locks interlock foundation in place.  It is flexible enough to expand and contract but designed to  lock into place when temperatures are more stable.

gator lock system

Gator Base Applications

Areas With Difficult Access

narrow areas
Slopes & Hills

Stairs Ways

Narrow Passage

Projects With Time Constraints

Easy to use install & transport

Heavy machinery not needed

Reduces labour

No Construction Zones

No zoning for machinery

Material storage prohibited

Bylaw restrictions

Replaces 6″ of Crushed Stone

Imagine if there were a product that was easier to install, could be installed faster and performed as good as aggregate?  Gator Base is a product that A&Z Interlock is now installing for Ottawa landscape renovations.  Our projects are backed with a solid warranty protecting against defects from products and installation.


Gator Base is Eco-Friendly

  • Less aggregate being picked up and delivered to job site
  • Reduces CO2 by completing more labor by hand and with smaller machinery
  • 100% Recyclable product
  • Water permeable foundation is good for local ecology
  • Reduces landfill disposal by 50ft(for 10×0 patio)

Sample Gator Base Installations

Gator Maxx Polymeric Sands

They Made It Stronger

Gator Base Polymeric sand helps prevent damage from weeds from growing between pavers, damage from insects and erosion.  Gator Dust is a mix of polymeric binders and stone dust. Once set a chemical reaction takes place making it very firm, locking the joints while remaining slightly flexible.  Gator Dust is technologically advanced in durability and quality.   Gator Dust is available in Sahara Beige and Stone Grey.  Gator Base has a 15 year limited warranty so you can relax know you’re covered.

Gator Base Installation Process

Step 1


Our crew digs a foundation to a depth of 6”.   Foundations that use crushed stone have an excavated average depth of 6-12”.  Since a single layer of Gator Base replaces 6” of stone our foundation is at the maximum recommended depth.

Step 2

Levelling & Compacting Sub Grade

We compact the base layer of soil and slope it away from any structures like a  house. The area needs to be as smooth as possible and relative to the final grade and slope of the area.  

Step 3

Adding Geofabric & Levelling Bedding Sand

We lay down non-woven Gator Fabric and cover the excavated and tamped area.  Then we add a ¾” layer of sand and level it using a float.

Step 4

Installation of Gator Base

In a staggered pattern we lay out the Gator Base over the desired project area.  Using the tongue and groove system the base is secure and locked into place. The surface area of the Gator Base ends up being 6” wider than the final paved area.  Any curved and excess Gator Base can be trimmed using a utility knife.

Step 5

Lay Pavers &
Install Gator Edging

We lay the pavers on the Gator Base foundation in the pattern the customer wants.  Then we install Gator Edge with butterflying anchor screws. We securely fasten the Gator Base to the ground maximizing lateral support.  This prevents sunken pavers and keeps your patio looking good for years to come!

Step 6

Gator Maxx Polymeric Sand

Every project uses polymeric sand to prevent weeds from growing between the pavers.  Gator Base has developed a new product that is technologically advanced and stronger than other products.  We sweep the sand in the joints of the interlock then use a machine to level and compact the joints.

Step 7

Hardening Polymeric Sand

The last step is misting the polymeric sand.  By adding water it triggers a chemical reaction hardening the paver joints as it dries.   Your project is ready to enjoy.  

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We use official Alliance products

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