You have decided it is time to renovate your outdoor area. That is the easy part. The best way to start is to find a reputable Ottawa landscaper, such as A&Z Interlock, after that, it is important to meet with the team and discuss your project. In this article, we will walk through some of the steps necessary to make your landscape project successful.

How to plant your landscape project right


This sounds pretty basic. But you need to establish whether you intend to entertain a great deal, need space for a child-friendly play area, or just want a hideaway of your own. Once you establish priorities, you can move on.

Need and Wish List

The next step is to decide what you must have and what you would like. Sometimes an idea board is helpful so that you can cut or print pictures of your elements and then rearrange them as you make the final decisions. These can include a pool, outdoor kitchen, or fireplace.


Know your limits. Look online and see the approximate cost of some of the elements you want to build and be sure to include the labour costs associated with them. There are online programs that can help with this task. Contact some contractors and ask for written estimates. Then add these to your idea board. When you look at what you intend to spend, be sure to reserve some of it for unexpected overruns.


Get estimates from at least three contractors. Also, consider the connection you have with them. If they are not willing to consider your input, you may need to look further. Check on their skill sets and the workers they hire to complete the project. Referrals from friends and family are always helpful. Be sure to ask about any glitches that happened along the way. There are also some online services that help you locate a good contractor.


You may not always be able to have what you want where you want it. Sometimes it will involve the lay of the land, or available space, or proximity to your neighbours. There can also be some restrictions if you have a homeowners association. The contractor should be able to help you with any permits and inspections. Try to have some alternatives ready if your dream won’t come out exactly where or how you planned.


There are always options that can increase or decrease the overall cost of your projects, such as a fire pit rather than a fireplace or a high-tech grill combination rather than an outdoor oven and cooktop. Your contractor can offer alternatives and possible financing options.


Starting with your colour choices, go to websites to view your options. There are a number of manufacturers and products. See if you can get samples to take outdoors and view in different lighting scenarios. Colours appear different in bright sunlight versus dusk or artificial lighting.


You are not the project manager, but you have a vested interest in the finished project. Check in with your contractor daily to understand the status of the products you ordered and when workers are expected. Keep copies of your detailed plan and check off to be sure the product you ordered is what was delivered. It is easier to correct a mistake before the work begins, especially before it is completed. Ask questions as necessary, but don’t tie up the workforce. They are paid by the hour.


At the conclusion, see if your contractor can offer suggestions about maintenance and cleaning dos and don’ts. There are also some good guides available. Keep the documentation accessible because it is all too easy to forget a step or use the incorrect product.

Getting help from the best Ottawa landscaper

After you checked all these steps, it’s time to start your project and enjoy your new lawn. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us. We are always happy to help! A&Z Interlock is an Ottawa landscaper with many years of experience in landscaping and we offer the best service in Ottawa.