Learn How To Attract Birds, Bees and Other Insects To Your Ottawa Landscape

You can attract beautiful wild animals, birds and insects with a few simple changes to your yard.  These welcome additions help promote ecological sustainability, create natural habitats for birds, and make life easier on our ever so important pollinators.  Improve the environment, improve your life and improve the lives of the local Ottawa ecology by making modifications to your landscape design.

Plants, Bushes and Flowers Attract Bees

If your landscape includes a large sprawling lawn then be warned that they provide no use for the bees.  Also keeping our lawns green mean adding fertilizer and chemicals to control insects which are going to be toxic to many species.  Sadly, organic products are often not effective in staving off bugs and weeds.  When planning with one of our designers we can strategically plan the kinds of flowers to incorporate and how to incorporate them (raised beds, retaining walls, flower pots, etc).  We can provide advice on what varieties of flowers suit your lifestyle in terms of maintenance, watering and appearance.  It’s also important to consider having plants that pollinate at different periods throughout the year.  This will keep your yard looking beautiful and feed our little friends which keep them coming back.  Having your garden in bloom from Spring to Fall is something that A&Z can deliver.

Want To See More Birds & Butterflies?

Our clients report seeing hummingbirds, canaries, robins, blue jays, cardinals and more after a landscaping renovation.  Having a fruiting or flowering tree provides seeds the birds can eat.  It also attracts insects that the birds can feast on all day long.  A well-maintained apple tree creates an amazing habitat for local Ottawa birds to create their nest and mate.

Use The Foilage To Your Advantage

You probably want to cut down an old or dying tree.  Under the right circumstances hiring an arborist to prune the tree might be enough to bring it back to life and grow for more years.  Old decaying trees are excellent habitat for birds and again provide a smorgasbord of insects!  Also those leaves you rake in the fall… consider mulching them and leaving them on your lawn this winter.  They provide rich nutrients for the soil which feeds the bugs and worms which feed the birds.  Not to mention nutrient-rich soil is going to natural be resistant to weed growth.

Landscaping Elements To Attract Birds

Imagine adding a water feature, pond or birdbath to your landscape.  These features provide birds with a place to bath and if you are worried about mosquitoes adding fresh water every few days isn’t a big task.  Choosing to line your landscaping fabric with mulch provides a great place for wildlife to burrow and nest.  Not all birds make their nests in trees you know.  As part of your landscape design, we can incorporate birdhouses, a roost, and loads of other sanctuaries that suit the design you pick.
Do you think these tips will make a difference to attracting more wildlife to your yard or is it that a landscape renovation means you spend more time enjoying the outdoors which increases the exposure to amazing birds, bees and butterflies?   At A&Z Interlock we provide the landscape you dream of and pay attention to the details that matter to your life.  Our designers are ready to transform your yard with a custom design and well-built interlock design.  Give us a call today: 613-219-9862