How to hide an ugly fence!

Your fence serves an important function in keeping children and pets in, while keeping other animals out.  It also gives you privacy and security from neighbours and strangers. Fences divide our property lines and help with the overall feel and style of the yard too.
Planning a landscaping project can be expensive and sometimes there is no room left over for the fence to be included.  So what do you do? Here are the best ways to work around an ugly fence that doesn’t match the landscape.

Option 1 – Fixing The Fence

Fence repairs are relatively simple and can be completed by most homeowners. Often times an old fence is just in need of a fresh stain or paint.  With most fences, you can do this on a weekend. Its is often recommended you pressure wash your fence before staining it to remove and debris, moss or other material.  
Some fences will require more than a fresh coat of paint.  If this is your case you should check the following things:
Check all the joints and make sure they are properly attached to the posts.  Fences can pop out of the brackets that hold them in place. Often times you can slide the fence back in the fixture and make it secure again.  If the hardware or fence is damaged you can use an L-bracket and some screws to brace the fence as a quick and easy way to give it more structure.  
Check the fence for rotting wood.  Wood is naturally going to degrade over time.  Obviously, it is much easier to replace a few boards than to replace the entire thing.  
If your fence is just cosmetically damaged then stain is a great way to improve the look.  If your fence is sagging or leaning check if you can brace it or replace some of the rotting wood for a quick and easy solution.

Option 2 – Hiding The Fence

Out of sight, out of mind!  Often times an ugly fence can be rectified by hiding it from the view.  People often choose to plant trees in front of the fence. Spruce, pine trees and cedar are all great options as they have dense foliage that covers a big area.  
Another great option is to plant climbing vines that help hide an ugly fence.  These vines grow like weeds so planting climbing plants is super easy and every year your fence will be covered more and more.

Lastly, you can hide the fence with inexpensive artwork or for a really interesting look try mounting a mirror on the fence.  If you go with artwork, the sun and weather are going to fade the art over time. Try choosing something that is inexpensive so you don’t need to fuss about it.  


Fences are just one of those products that people seem to put off for as long as possible.  It reminds us of buying car tires! Something everyone needs but hate to buy. To recap the best way to work with an ugly fence is by:

  • Repairing individual pieces of wood
  • Support the structure with L brackets
  • Re-stain or fresh paint
  • Camouflage the fence with bushy trees or vines
  • Cover the fence with art, mirror