Best Ways to Light Up Your Ottawa Interlock Walkways

Lighting your garden is a great way to add ambiance to a beautiful space. Garden lighting enhances the design of your landscape while increasing functionality and safety after the sunsets. A well light walkway should help guide guests from their cars to your entertaining area. An illuminated path helps by preventing accidents and trips on garden hoses too. Lighting also draws attention to elements of your design you are particularly proud of.

Importance of planning your landscape lighting in advance

Your choice of lighting should be planned with A&Z Interlocks design specialists. If you choose to install electricity and go with more permanent features then this is something that is best done while construction is underway. But clients can choose to go with cheaper removable lights if a permanent fixture isn’t in the budget. Regardless of the option you choose, your lighting shouldn’t be an afterthought. Planning where your lights need to go ensures you’ll have balance, symmetry and your lights won’t cluster.

Light up your Ottawa Interlock walkways using these great choices

Lantern lights

A lantern light gives a nice traditional feeling and is a timeless look. By using a paper lantern it gives a subtle Asian flair that is a very trendy option which means finding other oriental decorations to match should be an easy task. Lantern lights provide a nice soft glow with a timeless appearance.

String Lights

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to define your walkway is with string lights. They are flexible and can be hung on fences or fastened to the grass. The small amount of light they provide is enough to accent the interlock walkway and illuminating the way without being overly bright.

Globe Lights

Everyone knows globe lights look amazing over a patio but have you thought about lighting your Bergen County walkway with them? Place decorate stakes along your path and string globe lights on them almost to create a lit fence. This idea may not be suitable for dogs or young children.

Natural feature lighting

Using natural features in your yard is a great opportunity to accent its beauty. Buying battery operated fairy lights and stringing them through a hollow log or trees knothole provides great style to your yard and the best part, it’s super cheap!

Inset lighting

Inset lighting is the most professional way to illuminate your landscape. This feature can be incorporated into an A&Z Interlock design. Our installers can run the wiring and install the lights for our customers. These features are often seen on stairways and under railings. Inset lights are designed to be a part of the landscape and when no turned on aren’t noticeable. The only drawback to inset lighting would be the cost since they need to be professionally installed – but make no mistake they are one of the best accents for any deck, patio or walkway.

Indirect lighting

Lighting doesn’t have to border your walkway. Positioning an upward-pointing floodlight at the base of a tree is a great way to illuminate your favourite tree and shed light on other areas too. An advantage of having indirect lighting is that it can distract the bugs away from where you are sitting too. Other locations for indirect lighting can be between planters or in corner gardens.

How to choose lights for your Ottawa landscape renovation

First, you want to think about how your lights will work. Some kinds of lights work better with other features. Professionally installed inlay lights might not be practical without a deck or patio area for them to be installed in. Having a long walkway that isn’t near a power outlet solar or battery-powered lights might make more sense. Other accessories like motion sensors and timers should be considered for extra ambiance and customization. When designing your outdoor landscape our team can help you make outdoor lighting choices that are sensible, beautiful and within your budget.
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