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This amazing house is situated in Convent Glen.  The views from the backyard are stunning, and we love how the home-owner reclaimed their front yard with a front patio that creates semi-private living space. The project had a unique set of challenges we faced requiring A&Z design and repair teams. The end result was a matching side entrance, new backyard patio with level grading and retaining wall.

Challenges We Faced On This Landscape Project

Matching Discontinued Permacon Slabs

In the front yard, we were contracted to install a new walkway to compliment the original from the left side of the house.  The original patio used Permacon’s Esplanade which was discontinued in 2015 so our designers had to find a current product to match.  Peter recommended Techo-Bloc Aberdeen Slabs and the size and texture was a near-perfect fit!

Permacon Esplanade (discontinued)

Techo-Bloc Aberdeen Slab

Repairing Front Patio 

Replacing Cracked Esplanade Slab

First, one of the Permacon Esplanade Slabs had a large crack in the middle (we suspect that quality is one of the reasons why this slab was discontinued).  Replacing the slab with Aberdeen wasn’t an option since although very similar it wouldn’t match perfectly.  Luckily this customer had an extra slab they were using as a stepping stone near the faucet.  If this slab wasn’t available we would have swapped it out with an intact paver in a less visible area.

Repairing Foundation From burrowing chipmunks

The second repair was foundation damage caused by burrowing chipmunks.  In order to fix this, we had to remove the old interlock and replace and re-tamp the old foundation.  A fairly straight forward repair that when complete looked as good as new.  

Efflorescence Damage

Efflorescence is a crystal deposit of salts that present on interlock brick from evaporating water.  This happens naturally with interlock and can be mitigated through sealing or periodic cleaning.  

The situation was different because the efflorescence was on the bricks of the house, not the interlock.  The previous patio was installed too high blocking the exterior brick wall weep holes.  

It was a pleasure working on this project and we were pleased to repair the old work this client had completed.  The client told us that their contractor promised for the past 3 years to come replace the damaged slabs but had never delivered.  Its a fact that slabs can crack and foundations can shift.  At A&Z we believe that customer service and aftercare are very important to obtaining great reviews and referral business.  For an incredible landscape renovation experience choose a company that delivers high quality builds that are designed to last!  We stand behind our work years after the last brick is laid. 


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