What Polymeric Sand To Use With Water Permeable Pavers?


What Is Water Permeable Interlock?


Water permeable interlock is designed to allow water to evacuate through the base foundation instead of relying on slopes and drains.  The foundation of water-permeable interlock uses larger aggregate which when compacted allows water to flow through it.  


The Problem With Polymeric Sands & Water Mitigation


Most polymeric sands don’t drain water which meant small stones were used to fill the joints between the interlock.  For driveways, this solution isn’t a big issue but near a pool or patio, people prefer the smooth uniformity of polymeric sand. 

With seasonal flooding, lots of rain and melting snow Ottawa landscaping customers seek out water-permeable landscaping.  We have been actively looking for an interlock joint filler that has the aesthetic of polymeric sand. We never found a product that met the A&Z Interlock standard… until now!  

After experimenting with tons of polymeric sands, we are having success with EASYJoint and are one of the first companies to introduce water-permeable polymeric sand to Ottawa.  EASY Joint is the best all-weather joint compound we have used to date.  


Installation Of EASY Joint


Easy Joint is designed to use on self-draining permeable landscape foundations.  First, we soak the area that will be jointed and sweep the compound into the joints between interlocking pavers. The process is best done with 2 people, one sweeping the sand into the joint and another worker wetting the stones.  Easy Joint will set in a few days but is firm enough to walk on within about 12 hours.  


How Wide Do Joints Need To Be?

To allow for the flow of water EASY Joints should be 3mm wide, with no maximum width. 


Variety of Colours Available 

EASY Joint allows homeowners to match their interlock project with their polymeric joint filler by offering 5 colours ranging from brown to black.  It should be noted that EASY Joint is a natural product and shades can vary. 

EasyJoint COlours


Is It Strong Enough For A Driveway?

EASY Joint has excellent compressive strength and is perfectly suited for use on a driveway.  Make sure to consult a professional as the compression of light vehicles can make the foundation material impermeable if the wrong aggregate is used.  

A&Z Interlock is always looking for new landscaping technology to improve the options available to Ottawa homeowners.  Until recently interlock joints have to be filled with water-permeable aggregate instead of polymeric sand to be water-permeable.  There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to planning landscaping drainage. By having another product to offer customers we can deliver the perfect interlock project for all types of homes and owners.  


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