Amazing landscapes with new patio stone pavers in OTtawa

A&Z Interlock offers a number of patio stones in many sizes, shapes, textures, and materials. Patio stones are used to create luxurious paved yards in Ottawa.  Choose between many unique shapes and sizes of patio stones and patio slabs.  Be inspired and add creativity to your landscape design.  We are up for the challenge in building your dream yard! 



Ottawa Patio Stone Paving

Patio stone paving is perfect for building a new driveway, front entrance or walkway. Due to its natural strength, paving material made from stone is perfect for areas with heavy traffic.

Patio stones usually come in irregular shapes and sizes and placed by hand. Patio stones are installed just like Ottawa interlock pavers.  A stone foundation is installed and the patio stones are installed on top.  Patio stone paving material works great in Ottawa yards because of its low maintenance, weather resistance, durability and ability to looks great for years to come.


Patio Stones Offer Visual Variation

Whether you choose natural or precast paving stones to feature in your yard you’ll get a durable paved landscape with lots of character.  With such a large selection of size, shapes and colours to choose it can be used to pave front yards, back yards, pools and patios.  That natural shape of patio stones is perfect to add variation, especially in large square footage installations.  The linear patterns created by interlock pavers in Ottawa can be broken up by including patio stone paving in your landscape design.

Why Choose Patio Stones For Your Landscape? 

Mix Patio Stones & Interlock

Patio stones and interlock pavers can be used in the same yard.  Customers often choose 2-3 different colours, sizes and brick textures for their patio.  

Durable & Strong

Patio stones and slabs are made from precast concrete and are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and withstand weathering in Ottawa’s climate. 

Walkways, Patios, & Accents

Patio stones are so versatile they can be installed in almost any setting.  Patio’s, walkways, pool decks and more. We’d love to see your yard and design the yard you always dreamed of! 

Ottawa Patio Stones

Colours, Textures & Sizes

Define boundaries within your patio and create visual interest by using contrasting colours. Some patio stones have textures that copy the look and feel of real rock or natural wood.  Balance your backyard patio with a mixture of smooth and profiled textures. 

Let A&Z Design The Landscape Of Your Dreams

Meet in your yard and discuss your renovation ideas with landscape design pro! You provide the ideas, we take the measurements and provide friendly advice. With over 30 years of experience, we’ll get you the perfect balance of hard and soft landscaping elements.  


We will help you at each step of the way from choosing the best pavers in Ottawa and the best kinds of plants.  

Patio Stones Style Guide 

Borealis Rectangular Slab Patio Stones

This rustic patio stone comes from Techo-Bloc’s Borealis collection of slabs, retaining walls and patio stones. They are excellent pavers for creating a simple walkway between 2 unpaved areas.  Don’t worry about the shape – our team has lots of experience installing this product. Borealis patio stones have the look and texture of real wood but since they are made from concrete there is no risk of warping or weathering like natural products. 

Maya Rock Texture Patio Stones

Maya patio stones have a traditional appearance and style.  These patio stones are excellent for use in gardens, pool decks, patios, walkways and steps.  Perfect for connecting 2 areas of your yard.  Maya patio stones enhance the beauty of your yard and accent the natural environment in Ottawa. PAtio stones are available in a variety of natural stone colours that are guaranteed to match with any home. 

Other popular Patio Stones styles in Ottawa

Aberdeen Patio Stone From Techo Bloc

Blu 60 Patio Stone From Techo Bloc

Slate Patio Stone From Techo Bloc

Reserve Your Renovation Time Slot By Scheduling a Design Consult. Call now to learn more about our patio stones and other design services. 

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