Choosing The Pattern For Your Ottawa Landscape Projects

An interesting paver pattern can add design elements, character and texture to the overall look and feel of your landscape.  There are quite a few designs to choose from like linear, modular, herringbone and arcing.  Not all pavers are made to be used in all patterns so if you give us a call we can help you choose the products that suit your requirements.

What Kinds Of Patterns Are Available…

Mosaic – Distressed

Mosaic Patterns assemble many small pavers to achieve a diverse range of shapes and sizes.  Natural stone is great for mosaic patterns and offers a rustic feel with dramatic effects.  It is a great pattern to use in an area that just doesn’t seem to match with any other style. 

Arcing Designs

Most Ottawa interlock pavers come in linear shapes.  They can be cut or laid in a way that makes arcing and circular designs.  These patterns have a flowing element help draw the eye around the entire yard and garden. It is worth noting that arcing patterns are more expensive because of the number of cuts and precision when placing the stones.


Slabs are oversized paving stones that are generally laid in a largely uniform pattern.  The lack of variation keeps the focus on other elements of your Ottawa landscape design.  Often these designs include textured bricks that add a dynamic feel and appearance. 

Linear Herring Bone

This pattern incorporates rectangular and square pavers that meet at 90 degrees angles.  It is a great design to break up long flowing areas of interlock. 


This clean modern design uses long and narrow tiles that can lengthen any room and add depth to smaller areas.  

3 Questions To Ask When Choosing Interlock Tesselation Pattern

1. What is the square footage?


Use the area of your project to determine the scope and appropriate pattern.  Generally, a smaller area will result in smaller stones and vice versa.  Most patterns can be scaled up and down but it is important to choose stones that won’t waste time and money on cutting each one.  A small area looks best with 1 to 2 stone types while a larger area can accommodate more stone types creating a random but nice looking effect.

2. Do I want to define the borders?

    1. Customize and define your area with a border.  They are a perfect feature for a driver to highlight where to park or on a patio to line the outdoor kitchen.  Just like the trim in your living room, it helps create an accented space.  With good planning, we can help choose pavers and pick a pattern that incorporates a border.  It’s important to think about the shape of the project and the features nearby when choosing the shape of the border.

    3. What other features do you have?

    Is there enough space between the patio and the pool to complete the pattern you want to achieve?  Are the features too close that we need to make some adjustments?  Maybe your pattern is intended to help visualize transitioning into a new space and accentuate those changes.  Our designers are standing by and ready to help you design the perfect landscape design that matches your style. 

    Want to see the full Techo-Bloc Catalogue for colours styles and patterns?  Check out the link.

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