Armour Stone Retaining Wall & Water Permeable Interlock Driveway

This landscape project was needed to help with water management and erosion due to the large slope coming from the street and the neighbouring property.  Even small amounts of rain would cause flooding in the client’s garage and cause the sump pump to run continuously.  The water created lots of erosion between the properties causing the drain to clog and create a messy driveway. 

Protecting Against Soil Erosion With Retaining Walls

Without a retaining wall rain and water erode the soil. This can create uneven surfaces that change drastically in just a short period of time.  Without a barrier to hold back the earth, the erosion will continue creating an uneven surface that is impossible to use as part of a garden, lawn or landscape. With such a large grade to deal with, armour stones were the best solution for this property but retaining walls can be made from regular interlock pavers for steps, gardens or curbs.  The retaining wall stopped a lot of the water from pouring into the garage and created a large surface to install the walkway to the backyard and side entrance.  

Water Permeable Interlock Landscaping

Why It Was Needed

Water permeable interlock is special landscaping that allows water to flow between the pavers and back into the ground instead of being channelled towards a drain.  This property already has a commercial storm drain installed but it was often clogged with sand and dirt.  By installing water-permeable interlock we have reduced the workload of the sump pump and drain.   

The retaining wall has prevented soil erosion and the drain never gets clogged anymore.  Thanks to the water-permeable interlock, even if the drain were to clog, water can escape naturally back into the ground.  

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