What Are All The Benefits Of Interlocking Pavers?

Traditionally, builders and developers added concrete and grass to the suburban neighbourhoods in Ottawa. This was great for keeping costs down and installations on schedule.  As homes transfer to new owners are making significant improvements and customizations to their outdoor spaces. Interlock pavers will enhance your life and your property through design and function.

Regardless of where you reside, you already have the freedom to renovate and redesign your property’s layout. Of course, this doesn’t only involve the makeover of your home; it can also apply to the yard and outdoor space.

Interlock pavers are the latest when it comes to enhancing the appearance of your outdoor space. It is cost-efficient and flexible since you can modify it through different styles and patterns. Professional contractors like us can make these interlock pavers the very real estate highlight that you want. 

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Benefits Of Interlock Landscaping

They Enhance The Appearance Of Your Space

While some homeowners choose to build a deck or home made patio interlock pavers are a way to permanently improve the look of the space. Interlocking pavers are an excellent, low-cost option for creating a beautiful outdoor space. Interlock pavers are one of the few landscaping features that if installed properly get better looking over time!  

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Installing Interlock Is A Simple Process

Installing interlock in Ottawa is as simple as excavating an area, installing a stone foundation and placing the pavers in place.  More complicated designs might include cutting stones and arcing patterns but the basic installation process is very simple.  This means there are lots of companies in Ottawa competing for your business that helps innovate designs and keep pricing very competitive.  Hiring a pro like us will result in a professional renovation that is warrantied and build on a solid foundation!

Add Functionality Like Drainage, Lighting & Outdoor Space

Anyone who ever had a leak in their foundation knows the importance of water management around the exterior of the home.  Paving your property takes into consideration grading and eavestroughs to help mitigate excess water away from the landscaped area and away from the home.  Interlock paving can include water-permeable interlock solutions that allow water to drain directly through the paved area. 

Get your interlock landscape to enhance safety and aesthetics with built-in LED lighting adding to the functionality of your landscape. 

Lastly, customers like to create outdoor spaces by bringing the indoors outside! Mounting a low-cost TV in your backyard or installing and grilling station is just another way that your landscape will incorporate functionality in your life!

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They Are Durable & Low Maintenance

Whats the lowest maintenance landscaping materials in Ottawa – Grass! This low maintenance landscape still requires cutting, weeding, and watering.  Think about how a paved landscape would fit in with your lifestyle and allow you to relax more on weekends!  A paved patio has super durable polymeric sands between the bricks preventing weed growth and with more paved area you’ll have way less grass to cut.  With all that extra free time your weekends will be much more enjoyable to spend time in your yard rather than spend time on your yard.

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Paved Landscapes Last Forever

Interlock paved patios can easily last for over 20 years and longer if well maintained and properly installed.  Our work is installed to last this long.  By using new technologies like tile-based foundations, edge restraints, and ensuring a proper depth of material our projects last longer than the competitions.  If ever you experience damage to a paver or area of your patio repairs can be done quickly and easily.

They Make Snow Removal Easy

If you live in a place that gets a lot of snow, such as Ottawa, you probably dread getting out there and shovelling. It can be a hard, laborious job that makes you wish you had never gotten out of bed. Precast concrete pavers are designed to withstand the punishment of removing snow from Canadian yards and modern products are resistant and warrantied against de-icing salt (NaCl) usage.


Where Can You Install Interlocking Pavers?

The versatility of interlocking pavers is one of their selling-points. You can put them almost anywhere on your property but here are the most popular place to put pavers:

Around swimming pools

  • Driveway parking spaces & extensions
  • Walkways
  • Garden paths
  • Backyard patios
  • Front porches
  • Side yards
  • Front yard entrances

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