Create Stunning Visual Designs & Patterns With Coloured Interlock Pavers

Most landscapes in Ottawa tend to choose more affordable and natural-looking interlock.  There are so many new designs that utilize the large variety of pavers available.  With interlock, you can create so many different patterns and the best part is, these all come with instructions!  Customers should know that more intricate designs require more time to build due to the precise details & often are only available in premium HD2 lines. 

A&Z offers customers great Ottawa landscape design to match their style and home.  With modern interlock pavers, you aren’t just limited to black and grey.   In fact, all the major interlock manufacturers like Permacon & Techo-Bloc offer many different colours of pavers to enhance designs with patterns and stunning visual effects.

Techo-Bloc offers lots of complementary colours in natural hues. The curated collection of colours balance with the nature in Ottawa which makes it easy to come up with a color combination that looks great!  In fact, this year Techo-Bloc is offering 24 colors to choose from.

Contrasting interlock colors can add depth and create stunning visual effects like what is seen in the diamond pattern interlock creating a large and open space.  Other patterns use an inlay of bricks to define boundaries and create “rooms” in and outdoor space.  Using interlock borders is another great wat define spaces and in your backyard.  Modern interlock designs can be very creative and produce eye catching patterns with the almost random placement of contrasting pavers.

orleans driveway erxtension featured image

Hexa Pavers Create Ultra Modern Landscapes


Try combining one of the new variety of paver shapes with different colour combinations.  The Hexa paver from Techo-Bloc comes in 6 different colours.  If you are looking for a paver landscape that you don’t see very often let us help you with designing & building your backyard landscape.

Mosaic Style Landscapes

By combining 2 colors of triangle shaped paver you can create a beautiful mosaic inspired landscape in your Ottawa yard. The finished patio looks like it has wood grain inlay but actually, it’s just pavers!  Imagine how this interlock design would look in your yard.  By combining just 2 interlock colours with a bit of creativity can have dramatic effects.  

outdoor kitchen

Random Colors Splashed In Your Landscape

These large sized Para pavers from Techo-Bloc use grey, cream and black to create a really cool modern design.  The dominant colour is grey and contrasts the black while complimenting the beige.  This type of paver patio is from a magazine or hotel rooftop but this year it can be in your backyard too!

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Landscaping With Color Pavers In Ottawa

To see the full Techo-Bloc color guide click here. In it they show how to create Victorian-style interlock walkways by using a diagonal framing pattern and using contrasting paver colors.   They also have designs that make your pavers look like an area rug on your patio but again, they’re just pavers!  

Landscape Design Guide Continued:

Landscape Design Guide

Read our landscape design guide blog overview with advice on the latest trends and styles in Ottawa yards. Start here for inspiration and ideas on what features we can include in your yard!

Shape & Scale

Play with the shape and scale of your interlock pavers to create stunning visual effects and landscape designs. With Techo-Bloc all the customer needs to do is point and we can build it! 

PAver Textures

Choose interlock pavers that have textured surfaces. Enjoy the feeling of walking on textures like wood, stone and more. The latest textured paves create stunning visual effects.

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