Do you have a backyard deck? If not, we can help! Ottawa is an amazing city for outdoor living. There are so many beautiful views and things to do outdoors. We recommend investing in an awesome backyard deck that will allow you to bring inside living outdoors! Here is an article about backyard decks that will inspire you to get a design consultation sooner than later!

Choosing Material For Your Backyard Deck

Choosing the material for your backyard deck is the first big decision. You have a lot of options! Let’s talk about how you can make this important choice, then we’ll get into some fun ideas to inspire you with different types of materials that are available.

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Wood Decks –

Wood is traditional and has long been a favourite material for decks because it offers durability and longevity while providing affordable material costs. Even when facing the elements, a well-maintained deck should last over 25 years! If wood isn’t quite what you’re looking for let me introduce another great option: composite decking! Composite decking will give you many benefits including lower maintenance costs over time which means less money spent on repairs in future years.

Composite Decks –

Composite decks are the most expensive deck building material but they never require sanding or painting. They’ll also never rot, warp or split. Composite decks have a great resistance to moisture which means they’re able to withstand even the harshest winters in Ottawa. Customers really like the reliability that composite decks offer and feel the difference in cost is worth not having to refinish the deck every few years. Plus with the cost of lumber, increasing composite decks are becoming even more popular in 2021.

Choosing A Size Of Deck For Your Backyard

A deck is a great addition to any backyard. It can be used for all sorts of things, from entertaining guests to sitting and enjoying the outdoors. The size of the deck you choose will depend on what your needs are, but there’s no wrong answer when it comes to how big or small you should make it.

If you like hosting large dinner parties in your backyard (one day) – consider adding an expansive deck with plenty of seating so that everyone has room at the table without being cramped together. You may also want some outdoor furniture on hand for people who don’t feel comfortable seated on hardwood chairs (or if they’re waiting their turn). These spaces typically have multiple entrances as well so that there is no congestion as people mingle.

If you don’t entertain often, or if your backyard is quite small – a smaller deck just to accommodate the two of you may be all that’s needed. Keep in mind to accommodate for outdoor furniture and seating which can tend to be larger than indoor furniture.

The size of your deck will depend on your lifestyle, size of yard & budget. Our backyard decks will try to deliver the best value for all three aspects.

Choosing Deck Style & Functionality In Your Design

Backyard decks can be a simple as a wooden platform with a railing or include extravagant features like accent lighting, planters or built-in seating. Our deck building experts help you choose the features and design elements you want with your backyard deck. More elaborate decks can include firepits, outdoor kitchens, metal or glass railings, multiple levels and tiers, planters, pergolas, and benches.

What does your perfect backyard deck look like?

We help Ottawa homeowners by building custom decks that come with a warranty and built to last. Specializing in Ottawa interlock & decks allows our customers to get affordable landscaping for their backyard without having to choose between a deck or interlock. Meet with our deck designer in your backyard and let us show you why we are the right contractor for you!

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