Why You Should Get An Ottawa Interlock Driveway This Spring

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Driveways Are Easy To Access While Spring Snow Melts


The spring time’s coming in and you’re probably going to want to spend a lot of time outdoors. You will most likely be spending a lot of that time on your interlock driveway, but what exactly is an Ottawa interlock paved driveway and how can it improve your life?

Coming home after a long day at work and walking into your house is the most satisfying feeling in the world, but what about your driveway? Do you know it can affect how you feel coming home? Coming home to an unattractive, discoloured, stained, dirty, cracked or broken driveway can leave one with a “bad impression” of their property and downright lousy mood.  Now imagine coming home after a long day greeted by your family, a beautifully paved interlock landscape and a fresh glass of lemonade. Doesn’t that sound better?

Not all of our clients experience this kind of effect when replacing their old driveway with interlock but here are some improvements every should expect!

They Add Luxury And Character To Your Driveway

Modern designs include multiple patterns and cuts to create incredible three dimensional effects.  Using modern plans from suppliers like Techo-Bloc lets you get luxury results at an affordable price.  For more modest budgets we offer lots of traditional designs with the option to add customization like borders, inlays and multiple paver types. Even traditional designs add luxury to your home!  Plus we have a tier of driveway paving to suit single car driveways and extravagant custom jobs too!  Our designer will help you choose the perfect set of pavers that work together and compliment the style of your home. 

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They Are Easy To Install

Customers are surprised at how affordable driveway paving is when compared to backyard landscape renovations.  The truth is that driveways are incredibly accessible!  The price of the pavers is the most significant investment since driveway installations can usually be completed in under a week! Just because they are accessible doesn’t mean anyone should install a driveway.  You’ll need pavers that can withstand vehicle weight and a foundation that won’t break under the pressure of parked cars.  The ease of the installation for driveways makes them very easy for landscape contractors in Ottawa to install and for this reason they are really affordable ways to make a significant improvement to the exterior of your home. 

Interlock Paver Parking Spaces

In Ottawa paving with asphalt, driveway widening can be a pipe dream because of local regulations. But all these concerns go away when paving with Ottawa interlock pavers!  Need an extra parking spot in your single driveway?  Go ahead and pave a wider driveway without any city approval!  We can widen your driveway to accommodate boat parking, RV parking and the extra spots needed for working from home.  Enjoy parking your car with more room to space.  Widen your double car driveway by adding an interlocking border on either side.  Eliminate and stress of backing out of a congested driveway and see what a difference 24 inches will do to your mood.

Water Permeable Interlock Filters Into The Ground Not The Sewer

The benefits of interlock pavers are numerous but one that’s important to Ottawa residents is the eco-friendly benefits paved driveways offer. One of the most important benefits is the fact that they allow you to create a new landscape in your yard without disturbing the existing landscape. Clean up and improve the aesthetic of your front yard without disturbing and of the existing ecology.  A&Z Interlock driveways are now water permeable interlock meaning stormwater is drained through the pavers and not funnelled into the sewer drain!  Water permeable interlock driveways mean that drainage happens naturally and result in longer lasting installations.  Water permeable interlock driveway are incredibly good for the environment compared to any other kind of paving. Proper drainage on your property helps your grass, gardens and all of the natural things in your yard! 

Interlock Driveways Have Hassle-Free Maintenance

If you are looking for a simple and easy way to update the look of your driveway, interlocking pavers are a great option. Asphalt driveways in Ottawa require annual sealing – miss one season and the aggregate washes away.  When you look at the condition of people’s driveways in Ottawa it’s obvious that asphalt maintenance is not a top priority.  That’s why Ottawa interlock driveways are perfect!  They look good even with zero maintenance and don’t require sealing and won’t crack.  In the event you see the damage, interlock driveways are 100% repairable. Professionally installed Interlock driveways stand up to the punishment of snow removal and the harsh climate.   If you think sealing your driveway annually is silly but want your driveway to look great – consider getting an interlock driveway installed this spring.

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