Techo-Bloc Releases New Logo Design


Techo-Bloc emailed all their Techo-Pro Installers letting them know they are trying to be more consistent with their branding.  The old logo was very recognizable but I bet if you asked 10 different people they might describe 10 different logos.  There was the oval-shaped logo in black, yellow and green, and many iterations of Techo-Pro.  We can understand why they decided to update it and notify their partners about the guidelines associated with using their brand.  We’ve already updated our site with the new branding but if you see any we missed email us to let us know.


Techo-Bloc released some incredible new paver styles in 2019 that incorporate rustic, modern and traditional styles.  The contemporary new logo matches the trend of pavers like Borealis, Diamond Smooth, Anitka Pavers (seen below).

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