We help compare Patio Stones, Interlock Pavers, Concrete & Gravel to find the perfect paving material for your taste and budget.

Paving materials can be made from natural stone like slate & granite, or precast paving bricks.  In Ottawa, most homeowners choose some kind of precast pavers because of their high durability and affordability… so slate and granite paving will have to wait for another article. 

Customers love choosing the perfect material for their landscape renovation.  Each material has advantages and disadvantages depending on how it will be used.  If you ever get overwhelmed our design experts are here to guide you through the options and help make the best choice for your design and budget. 

Patio Stones

Patio stones are some of the nicest paving materials.  Patio stones come in a wide range of shapes, colours, sized and textures. Techo-Bloc offers irregularly shaped patio stones in the Borealis line that look like tree slices (texture too). Plan a winding path connecting 2 interlock patios with variation from a rectangular shaped patio. Thick patio stones (at least 2”) are best suited for the wear and tear of residential use and Ottawa’s climate.  Choosing a textured patio stone for your walking path is gives good traction for walking on while wet but soft enough to be comfy on bare feet.

A&Z Interlock Pro-Tip

When buying patio stones, make sure to check the colour after spraying it with a little water.  Stones can appear vastly different when wet. So check and make sure it to your taste.

Interlock Pavers

It goes without saying that the huge advantage of choosing interlock pavers is the cost of the material.  Yes, concrete is even but the final product won’t look as good or last as long. Modern interlock bricks are engineered to be very strong and the manufacturers have done an incredible job of mimicking real stone.  Interlock pavers come in all shapes and sizes and when installed by a pro they perform very well for decades. Paving with bricks invites guests into your yard with interlock. The uniformity of interlock pavers makes it very easy to design landscapes with.  When it comes to yards in Ottawa there is a reason why patio stone and interlock pavers are so prevalent.

Concrete Paving

Poured concrete is a durable and permanent paving choice.  Concrete can be poured in many shapes and even dyed in select colours. Outdoor concrete pads are textured which is excellent for around a pool deck but for patios, it can be rough of the feet.  Structurally, concrete slabs last forever but aesthetically they crack and discolour quickly. We aren’t hating on concrete, it offers tremendous value and can allow the customer to get a larger paved surface. 


Gravel is the cheapest option for paving areas around houses, walkways, and gardens.  It is the easiest material to install, it comes in a wide range of colours, sizes and adds a new texture to any landscape design.  We use gravel all the time to help customers extend their budget and landscaped parts of the yard. Areas paved with gravel get the same preparation as interlock paving. A foundation dug out of the ground to maintain the base, and geotextile fabric is laid down to prevent weed growth. For walkways choose angular gravel larger than ¼” or it will be like walking on sand.

For The Best Results Used A Mixture Paving Materials

If ever you feel overwhelmed or need some advice we are here to help. Experiment mixing many different materials to create different patterns and textures.  Areas paved with patio stones would benefit by included a border with another material like interlock. Using 2 colours of the same brick enhances the design too. 

Including a different coloured border can alert guests to elevation changes or the edge of the patio.  Textured patio stones for steps increase traction and prevent surface from getting too slippery when wet. Gravel stones can be useful to break up areas and prevent monolithic paved surfaces from entering your design. 

With help from the A&Z Interlock design team, you are guaranteed to get a landscape renovation your family will love!  We educate the customer on landscape design so they can make choose the best paving material. We can’t wait to see what colours, textures and styles inspire your design. 

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