Techobloc’s new Diamond Smooth Paver is an incredible new design for people looking to achieve modern and experimental styles.  We are amazed at some of the incredible visuals effects that can be created by a paver that only comes in a single size/shape. Diamond pavers are so versatile that they can be used to create a mosaic, kaleidoscope and even 3-dimensional patterns. 




The Diamond Smooth paver is one of the most creatively flexible products on the market and would look amazing in parks, driveways, patios and walkways. The Onyx Black Greyed Nickel pattern seen below reminds us of a checkered racetrack and would look amazing for any car enthusiast.

Colour Selection Available


These pavers are available in Beige Cream, Charcoal, Chestnut Brown, Greyed Nickel, Onyx Black, and Shale Grey (see samples below).  They also have multiple layout possibilities and creating stunning visual effects and vectors. Perhaps some of the layouts could be used to enhance safety in pedestrian crossings and school zones.  Or even recreate the level design from retro video games like QBert or Marble Madness! We can’t wait to see what A&Z Interlock clients and designers can come up with using this versatile product. 



This paver is built for use in residential and commercial spaces, and resistant to de-icing salt so great for use within Ottawa.  To learn more about Techobloc products check out our interlock guide and download the 2019 landscape brochure. Plan your contemporary or modern landscape design and incorporate Diamond Polished pavers in your project with the help of our designers.