Interlock Steps, Walkways & Paths

Outdoor steps and paths are an important part of landscape design.  They are required when there is a grade or difference in elevation in the landscape of your yard. 

Choose A Lasting Product


Interlock pavers are the longest-lasting outdoor landscape building product available. Choosing interlock over concrete is a better choice and investment for your stairs.  When installed with a proper foundation interlocking stone paths and stairs will stand the test of time.  Combined with the ability to make different designs it is a far better investment than wood or concrete stairs. 

How Wide Should My Interlock Path Be?

The minimum width of a pathway or sidewalk is 18 inches however 24 to 30 inches is more common and the larger size makes them function better.  But if your walkway isn’t used often of at the side of your house an 18-inch wide path can work and cut cost.  If your design is for a  2 person walking path then a width of 48 inches is recommended.  


Not sure if your property requires stairs?  Book a FREE in-home design consultation today. 

What Size Do My Stairs Need To Be?

Steps are made up of 2 parts, the tread, the part you step on, and the rise, the elevation between steps. It is very important you have the right tread depth and riser height to make for a comfortable and safe journey.   The smaller the tread the greater the rise.  Generally, the smallest tread available is 12 inches which would have a 7-inch rise, while an 18-inch tread would have a 4-inch rise. 

There are many factors that can change these dimensions.  The important thing is that the stairs are comfortable to use and do not encroach on the other elements of the design.  A&Z Interlock landscape designers help our customers create a design that considers ALL elements of landscape design.  

Interlock Stairs, Pathways and Sidewalks

A front entrance walkway and steps welcome your home from work each day, they provide direction to your guests and connect the front of your house with the neighbourhood you live in.  Interlock steps are a great way to complement the design of your home, invest in a long term solution that withstands the Ottawa winters, and creates a safe non-slip surface.  

Enhance the beauty of your home.

Enhance features of your house that work well with landscape design from A&Z.  Architectural features like pillars and windows should complement your landscape features while matching the style of your home. 

Increase Curb Appeal & Value

The Ottawa real estate market is booming and one of the best investments you can make is including interlock landscaping.  Driveways, stairs, walkways and planters last a lifetime and the return on investment when it comes time to sell your home is very valuable. 

Make Safety A Priority For Your Home

Increase safety with lighting, non-slip interlock, parcel drop boxes and knee walls. Porch pirates and ice storms won’t be a match for your redesigned landscape stairways. 

Landscaping Services

Pool Landscaping

Renovating your pool doesn't have to be difficult. Choose your design and we take care of all the heavy lifting.

Interlock Driveways

Customize your driveway by choosing brick style and color with your choice of tesselation pattern. Choose the zero maintenance product that outlasts and asphalt product by decades.


Including a deck with your landscaping in Ottawa provides a place to sit with the family and barbecue, and seamlessly extends the living space of your home.

Interlock Patio

Customized to your style, design and size and A&Z Interlock patio can be as big or as small as you want it. Choose your Ottawa patio stones, color, size, shape, and pattern - we take care of the rest.

Retaining Walls

When working with sloped yards, retaining walls can be decorative & functional. Create tiered landscaping or level the grade with a paver or armor stone retaining wall.

Steps & Entrances

Come home every day to an amazing front entrance complete with steps, a patio, and gardens. Customize your walkway and front entrance with our landscape design team.

Landscape Design

A great yard starts with a good design. Our process involves an in-home consultation and uses computer-generated designs to help your vision become a reality.

Interlock Steps & Walkways Blog

One of the best resources to get ideas for your in-home landscape design consultation.  We are updating our resources to better suit the Ottawa clients interested in interlock pavers outdoor projects.

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Check Out A&Z Stairs & Walkways

A&Z Interlock build amazing outdoor landscaping projects. We make sure elements like stairs and walkways are designed with functionality, style and budget in mind. 

Free In-Home Landscape Design Consultation

Set an appointment with one of our landscape designers and tell them your vision for your landscape project. Or let them share their years of experience and help you make the best decisions for your space, style, and budget.

Great landscape designs change over time. Meeting you is an opportunity for our team to better understand your needs and expectations.

We really look forward to meeting you and hearing you and hearing what you had in mind in your outdoor living space. 


A great design should suit your style and personality. By meeting our designer can better understand the goals of your yard.  Are you trying to keep a low maintenance are or create harmony between indoor & outdoor space?


Landscaping estimates are calculated using square footage of the yard. It is very important the measurements are precise and accurate to deliver better designs and value to our customers. 


Not sure if your yard is big enough for a radial interlock patio?  Got questions on how to extend your budget to include a luxury feature.  Our years of experience and product knowledge helps our clients get the outdoor living space they are dreaming of.

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