Introduction To Everything Interlock

Pavers are interlocking bricks that are very popular with homeowners and consumers in Ottawa’s landscaping market.  They were designed to be cheaper and more affordable alternatives to concrete or asphalt.

How Start To A Landscape Project With Ottawa Interlock?

Excavate The Project Area

The first step is excavation.  We need to come to your house with an excavator and remove about 12” of the ground.  We fill it back in with a thick foundation base of class 5 aggregate and sand.  This is the foundation for the interlocking pavers.  The foundation is what is going to provide an even uniform and beautiful installation for years to come.  We all love a good deal, but often contractors will skimp on the cost of installing a solid foundation.  The job might look good this year, but will it stand up to the Ottawa winter?  Demand a solid foundation for your interlocking pavers.


Compact Foundation & Lay Bricks

The foundation is levelled and stamped down.  Next, we begin laying out the pavers to the predetermined pattern and shape of the project.  There are many tessellation patterns you can choose from (herringbone, linear, and mosaic). Stones that don’t fit are cut to the custom size and locked into place by the ones beside it.  Pavers are cut to match the shape of the outline and placed to form a lovely border.


Joint Filler (Polymeric Sand)

The final step is to put down a layer of polymeric sand which fills all the spaces between.  This step locks the pavers into place and prevents the growth of any weeds making for an even and uniform patio that is low maintenance and will last for years and years.

Kinds Of pavers

Classic Brick Paver

The interlock featured here is a Techo-bloc Parisien interlock paver that like the name embodies has a traditional feel just like the streets of Old Montreal. This shape is great for checkerboard, linear and herringbone patterns.  A classic choice that is versatile and comes in many colours. 

Kinds Of pavers

Large Rectangle Stone Pavers

These pavers look amazing on large project areas like driveways.  They come in brown, grey, black, and cream and look best with linear patterns.  

Kinds Of pavers

Textured Cobblestone

A Product like Antika (seen here) is perfect for connecting areas where matching pavers is difficult.  Thanks to the mosaic pattern they can fit in next to linear and arcing interlock designs.  Perfect for walkways, patios, borders and driveways!

Kinds Of pavers

Modern & Non-traditional

Granitex from Techo-bloc offers a very cool and modern design for adventurous home-owners.  Great for patios, sidewalks, and all kinds of residential areas.  Ready to go with something like this in your design?

Great Uses For Interlock

Patios, Driveways, Steps, Walkways, Gardens & More

Interlock Is Easily Repaired & Can Last Indefinitely.

Pavers are excellent because they can be replaced without having to tear out the entire area if you have any issues with your landscape renovation.  Concrete and asphalt have no flexibility which means they are prone to cracking after just a few Ottawa winters. Interlock can move and flex as the ground expands and contracts.  There is no repair for damaged concrete or asphalt (without leaving an obvious scar).  There is a reason why areas like the Byward Market and Old Montreal have interlock & cobblestone that is over 100 years old!

Want to see the full Techo-Bloc Catalogue for colours styles and patterns?  Check out the link.

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