What Are The Most Common Interlock Repairs?

Biggest Problems and Solutions for Interlocking Concrete Pavers

Pavers are uneven and heaving

We see this from many landscaping contractors today.  This problem is usually the result of the base being uneven or too thin.  The type of base used needs to be matched with the soil it’s on top of. Soils like clay hold a lot more of moisture and in the winter will freeze causing them to expand and shift.  A good contractor considers what foundation to use in conjunction with the type of soil it’s on.
Another cause could be from using the wrong type of material as the base.  The most common wrongly used base would be stone dust. When the dust gets wet it turns into cement and because of the poor drainage, it results in an uneven surface.  The best type of base for the majority of projects would be ¾” crushed gravel.
Sadly there is no quick fix when it comes to bad aggregate choice and foundations problems. 

Pavers are submerged near the edges

This happens when the base washes away from underneath the pavers.  To prevent this from happening A&Z Interlock adds protective PVC edging around the perimeter of the pavers during installation.  For a quick and easy solution for homeowners, landscaping fabric can be put down to prevent the further base from eroding. The pavers need to be removed, the base replaced and then reinstall the pavers with the fabric.  

Water is pooling

There could be a few things that are going wrong here.  If the base wasn’t compacted enough then it can settle creating an area where water collects.  Or this problem can arise if the pitch was not aligned correctly when the project was installed. The solution for this problem is to lift up the pavers, reinstall the base, compact the base properly and replace the pavers.  Contractors offer a warranty on their work and if you are experiencing puddle you should call your landscape contractor and have them repair the damaged area.    

Interlock is a really versatile product because it lasts forever!  *We should note, when installed properly it lasts forever. The good news is, even bad installs can be repaired in most cases.  Always hire a reputable company when investing in a landscape renovation. The issues described in this article should only present in extreme circumstances and if your project was done recently make sure you schedule a repair with your contractor.  A&Z Interlock offers a warranty on every project and under circumstances where we can guarantee the work we don’t take the project. 
For Ottawa Interlock repairs and renovations call the Interlock Pro’s!  To protect yourself against bad contractors read our article on avoiding nightmare landscaping projects.