Mist-Scaping – Misting systems

Mist-Scaping – Misting systems

With the misting systems, you will no longer need to mist yourself and other people through the use of a spray bottle of water. You can, therefore, enjoy summer time activities such as parties, barbecues, weddings, or simply hanging out by the pool during the hottest days.

The misting systems are ideal for the flower garden, swimming pools and dog runs. You will enjoy sitting out during summertime relaxing in the blistering heat as a gentle mist cools the skin from an installed misting system.

The misting systems will not only cool the patio and outdoor entertainment areas but will also cool the air entering the home. As a result, the misting system can be an air conditioning alternative bringing down the total air conditioning bills.

With the misting systems, you will be providing much-needed moisture to plants and flowers in the garden in the dry summer months. You will be saving water since it eliminates the extensive use of water by hose or watering can. The misting system works towards keeping the landscape adorned with lush and beautiful vegetation.

Other uses of the misting systems are for odor control, dust control and for visual special effects.

Fogging Systems

Fogging systems are the best choice for transforming any landscape into an amazing tropical scenery. Fogging systems find application as visual special effects and for a special pool water feature. The systems are used to create the fog cooling effect and to provide residual cooling in the landscaped area.

Drains that may work well when added to your landscape include:

  1. Channel drains: These are long narrow drains that added to patio or deck edges and in between main structures. The channel drains are connected to underground pipe systems and will have grate covers to prevent leaf and grass blockage.
  2. Catch basins: The catch basins are designed to prevent excess water from accumulating in and around the foundation of the home.
  3. Deck drains: Usually placed at the bottom of sloped surfaces so that excess water filters through them. They are designed to drain patio surfaces. Deck drains are distinctive in that they are attractive and have decorative covers made of metal, brass or stone.
  4. Ditch and Slope drains: They are small ditches or slopes found along the edge of the yard to get rid of excess water. These may be paved or simply landscaped with the ideal slope being one percent for the paved slope and two percent for the landscaped slopes.
  5. French Drains: These are added to the landscape to prevent the soil and surfaces from getting saturated. French drains are constructed from perforated drainpipes which are then covered with grass or rocks.

Since every property has its own unique flow characteristics, getting an effective drainage system is both a good investment and insurance policy. The drainage system will improve the longevity of the home and landscape.

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