Take Your Landscape Design Into The Third Dimmension

Our pavers might be made from concrete but the textured surface of modern pavers creates incredible landscape renovations that could be featured in a magazine.  With Techo-Bloc’s texture guide and original designs, we can create the landscape of your dreams in Ottawa!

Interlock paving is a mosaic of pavers that combine to form patterns and designs. Pave with different scales, sizes and colors to create truly professional-grade work; it’s also perfect for front or backyard patios – like something you’d see at a world-renowned resort, but in your home!  We can help you plan a basic affordable patio renovation or help create a stunning landscaping design that features some of these incredible new looks!

orleans driveway erxtension featured image

Interlock Paver Textures

Textured pavers in your landscape renovation add style and details that can be found in lots of Ottawa properties. Paver textures have a natural feel and can recreate the surface of stone, granite, pumous & even natural wood.  The technology and selection of our textured pavers is the largest in Ottawa. 

orleans driveway erxtension featured image

Woven Interlock Pattern Enhanced With Textured Pavers

 The woven pattern of laying perpendicular slabs with a square paver looks great for driveways & paths.  Some customers go with a Smooth paver but as you can see the Ocean Wave texture enhances the woven effect. The nice thing about landscaping with interlock is that there are so many choices each project can truly be unique. 

Rustic Outdoor Lounge With Borealis Faux Wood Pavers

The Borealis paver looks like fake wood and with the brown color choice, this patio could match with a cottage or southeast asian landscape design.   The herringbone pattern compliments the natural appearance of the wood and the long planks aren’t something you see in every landscape in Ottawa. 

outdoor kitchen

Pumice & Volcanic Rock Paver Style

The Antika paver creates a volcanic pumice stone appearance that matches pacific island landscape designs.  The Borealis slabs border this contrast in the feel on the feet and in the color too.  When we see this design it reminds us of beautiful fossilized wood on top of an ocean of paved slate.   By combining two different textures of paver and two different laying patterns Ottawa customers can create incredible interlock designs for their landscape renovation.  

armour stone retaining wall pool left

Using Textured Pavers In Your Landscape Design

We offer a wide selection of pavers with options like size, color and patterns but we know the large selection can be overwhelming.  To see the full Techo-Bloc texture guide click here but there is no need to panic because our landscape design consultants are here to help at every step of the way!  We understand that landscape renovations can be a once-in-a-lifetime project so let our experienced and professional team help you plan, design and build the landscape you deserve.  

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