What’s The Best Way To Maintain Interlocking Pavers?

This article will guide you through the best practices for restoring old landscapes with neglected pavers.  Look at any cobblestone street and you’ll see why paving with interlock is so popular to this day… the product is almost indestructible and with a little bit of work interlock paving can be restored to the former beauty of when it was first installed.  Here is our process for interlock patio restoration and maintenance.

Remove Interlock stains – Whether your pavers are made of natural stone, concrete, or a combination of both, one thing is certain: they will become stained over time. Grease from barbecues and other oils will stain the porous stone surface.  Unless you sealed the stones after installation then this is inevitable.  Using a mild degreaser, wire brush and pressure washer often these stains can be almost eliminated and blend in much better.  Removing stains will even out the colour, erase years of dirt and mould as well as help you remove the stuff between the joints. Some stains like efflorescence is the natural minerals leaching from the stones.  This natural phenomena leave a crystal-like substance on the surface and can permanently stain pavers.  The best prevention of efflorescence is a professional interlock installation with adequate grading and drainage.

Repair Foundation & reseat pavers – for sinking patios and heaving surfaces you will want to replace the foundation material and ensure proper aggregate was used and compaction achieved.  By repairing the foundation of your interlock patio you can get a new landscape at a fraction of the cost of regular landscape work.  Repairing interlock foundation requires you to remove the old pavers and replace them after the improvements.  Foundations can be repaired only in the damaged areas helping you keep costs down.

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Remove the polymeric sand and the weeds – depending on the condition and age of your interlock in Ottawa you might need to replace the special sand that prevents weed growth.  Over time this sand can become brittle and break apart.  Pressure washing away deteriorating joint sand allows you to replace only the areas that need to be replaced.  For an entire overhaul and for matching results you should replace all the polymeric sand within a section of the patio.

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Apply paver sealers – sealers will absorb into the stone and fill all the pores with the stain preventing it from absorbing or leaching any materials.  Sealing pavers makes cleaning spills and messes much easier and will keep your interlock looking like new for much longer.  Sealed pavers help fight against natural wear and tear from the elements preventing weed growth, mould and dirt from accumulating.

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