Front Yard Landscaping 5-10


Every homeowner desires to add beautiful landscapes to their home. The creation of a beautiful entrance to the home will make it a magnificent way of starting the evening.

The Threshold Refresh package represents the best illustration of space we can recreate with any budget. In almost all cases, every project is customized to reflect client’s dream landscape.  By getting the right type of driveway, you take the front yard to your home to the next level. We have a large inventory of products to choose from and ensure that the correct design to complement the overall appearance of the home.

Stone Driveway Border

Adding a stone border to your driveway is a great option.  Borders add a classy look and improve the overall allure of the yard.  It is one of the first additions to most homes since it is affordable, makes a big impact visually and defines the edge of the grass. A very economical way to improve the curb appeal of your home.  A&Z Interlock Design Build is widely recognized for the design and construction of an elegant front entrance to the home.  We have the best landscapers in Ottawa who approach every project differently, take pride in their work and deliver professional results.

Raised Gardens with retaining wall

If you have a slope or grade in your yard then a retaining wall if the perfect feature to provide beauty to an uneven surface.  This structure will hold back soil and provide an elevated surface for potted plants or decorations.  Retaining walls are under considerable pressure and need to be built strong to withstand heavy loads and moisture.  Interlocking concrete blocks are the most affordable option and is durable against the Ottawa winters.  Retaining walls provide a great opportunity to build a garden.  Depending on your design choice we can fill it with soil or mulch and help choose plants that will flourish in our climate.

Adding a Front Porch

Adding a front porch to your yard is a great way improve first impressions.  It is an easy way to make a transition from the outside to inside of your home.  They will accent your windows, potted plants and front door.  Provide a place for guests to change shoes, leave mail or dry umbrellas.  Of course they are an amazing place to relax and spend time with family on a summer morning. We have relationships with the best interlock and paver suppliers in the region.   These relationships mean savings for you as well as the best prices and quality.  Our landscape designers can help you choose the material that matches the colour, exterior and style of your home.

A New Walkway

The walkway to your home can connect the different areas of your home but are often overlooked.  They can help set the mood you want to present if they are straight and direct or if they curve and meander.  We can help you choose a style that suits your architecture like interlock, flagstone, and pavers.  With the Ottawa winter, a level and smooth walkway is easier to keep clear of snow and make for safer less slippery surface. A well-designed walkway will help direct traffic saving your flower beds and grass from being damaged by foot traffic.  A front yard walkway is an affordable way to really improve the design of your landscape.

Our designer is waiting to meet with you and customize a design that meets your budget, and will provide a fresh new space to improve your outdoor living spaces.

Why Choose Us?

Our promise to you is to create a landscaping or interlock project customized for you, on-time and on-budget.