Front Yard Landscaping 10-20


Our clients love our renew packages as they create new customized spaces that are extensions of your home and with the help of our designer we can choose the finished and features that match your budget.  At this price point the options really open up to what you can do.  A lovely patio, water feature, hardscape and walkway are not out of the realm with a renew package.

Increase Your Curb Appeal

The exterior of the home should represent your unique style. A & Z Interlock Design Build will help you send a message of opulence and luxury to your guests. The reinvent front yard package is yet another depiction of the type of space you can get with our budgetary numbers. Every project is customized to the exact dream landscape that you are seeking. The following projects are examples of what you may want to achieve.

We provide free consultation with our designer who will listen to your ideas and customize a design that suits your modern, traditional, country tropical or Mediterranean inspiration. Our designer has over 30 years working with clients. Your vision will be realized through his creativity and experience. Check out our work below and get inspired!

Front Steps and Landing

Updating the front entrance can be one of the best ways to create a distinct look to your home, as well as add considerable value. Imagine coming home from work and forgetting all the stress as you now have a beautiful low maintenance entrance to look forward to coming home to. A nice patio will be an extension of you foyer. It provides a place to enjoy a book on a nice day, an area to remove your shoes and a focal point to place decorations and plants.

Plantings, Greenery and Mulch

Having beautiful blooming flowers and lush greenery is refreshing and relaxing, especially when outdoors enjoying the summer weather. With the right choice of plants and flowers, you will be in a position to add colour, elevation, fragrance, privacy and texture. Mulch can be used to give a different texture accent and to improve the architectural look of your property. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will help in selecting the right plants, flowers and kind of mulch to match the design and architecture of the home. Just see how the gardens transformed these areas.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting will focus attention on prominent features of your home/landscaping and can provide a great and exciting look. It provides added security by illuminating stairs, hazards and deterring wanderers. It allows you to enjoy your landscaping well after the sun has gone down, and with modern LED technology your lighting will not attract any bugs. Outdoor lighting is a premium feature since electricity needs to be run but when installing a new patio surface it becomes much more affordable since the foundation is exposed. We can budget premium features like in ground lighting in our packages because of the experience and expertise we have.

Raised Gardens with retaining wall

If you have a slope or grade in your yard then a retaining wall if the perfect feature to provide beauty to an uneven surface.  This structure will hold back soil and provide an elevated surface for potted plants or decorations.  Retaining walls are under considerable pressure and need to be built strong to withstand heavy loads and moisture.  Interlocking concrete blocks are the most affordable option and is durable against the Ottawa winters.  Retaining walls provide a great opportunity to build a garden.  Depending on your design choice we can fill it with soil or mulch and help choose plants that will flourish in our climate.

Why Choose Us?

Our promise to you is to create a landscaping or interlock project customized for you, on-time and on-budget.