An outdoor fireplace provides a place to snuggle up after a long day.  They provide ambiance, and make it easier to spend time with those that matter to you.  Another great benefit is that is extends the use of your amazing yard well into the cooler fall season.

Premium Outdoor Fireplaces

You may opt for an outdoor fireplace to complement the breathtaking view of your yard. Our premium outdoor fireplaces are custom built to suit your environment and are designed to appear clean and finished. Where possible, the fireplaces can have both rustic and natural looks. A fireplace will have a pivotal role in providing outdoor ambiance, and that means that the fireplace must be designed accordingly. Your patio can be designed and constructed to give prominence to the fireplace and provide a focal point of your yard.

Pizza Ovens

Increasingly, pizza ovens are becoming a popular addition to outdoor living. An outdoor living space can be spruced up by allowing us to design and construct an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven. Nothing can equate to the smell and taste of a homemade wood fired pizza.

Outdoor Living Rooms

Often, a dream fireplace is closely tied to the style and comfort of the indoor spaces and the surrounding outdoor landscape. An outdoor living room can be designed and built to include the comforts of your home such as a bar, carpeting, entertainment system, furniture, lighting, and mantel.

We can turn your dream of extending the use of the backyard into an eye-catching reality. An A&Z Interlock Design Build outdoor fireplace will deliver much needed extra warmth in fall, spring or the cooler summer evenings. Your investment will be worth every cent, and will increase your enjoyment and your home’s value.

We can customize it for you

We can customize an outdoor fire to your budget.  We can often include prefabricated fireplaces into a design that will allow you achieve all these benefits without the cost of custom masonry.

Give us a call to claim your free consultation.  Our designer has over 30 years experience doing landscape design in the Ottawa region.  We offer this service for free and expect no commitments.  See how we can create a project that will suit your lifestyle and meet your budget.

Why Choose Us?

Our promise to you is to create a landscaping or interlock project customized for you, on-time and on-budget.