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Check out this really cool interlock landscape design that uses contrasting paver colours to create landings that really stand out and look incredible! The lite coloured paver looks great next to the blacktop driveway and the look how much larger the useable area gets by expanding the paved area. 

I love these two little sections that jut out into the garden.  Although not big enough for a table the border creates a space in itself that is warm and inviting.  A place to stand while chatting to the neighbour or to say goodbye to guests as they leave (you know the Canadian goodbye that comes after the one at the kitchen table but before the one where you wave at the car?).  It really pops don’t you think? 

Landscape Design Features

Pavers, Colours & Patterns

What Are The Benefits Of Driveway Extensions?

Driveway extensions increase the square footage of the parking surface, increase the value and add to the beauty of the home.  Widening driveways makes it easier to exit the vehicle and walk into the home all year round and are really nice to have in the winter when the snowbanks restrict parking.

More Family Time, More Relaxation At Home

Investing in landscape renovations will increase the value of your home and improve the quality of living.  All of our customers report how much they use their new outdoor spaces with family and friends.  Now with people spending more time at home, Ottawa homeowners are investing in their property and increasing quality time spent with family!

You Are Not A Valet.

Double Single Lane Parking In A Single Day With A&Z Interlock

Driveway extensions are really popular in Barrhaven, Kanata & Orleans suburbs where single-family homes often have single lane driveways.  Even with just 2 drivers in the house playing musical chairs with parking spaces is never easy. Parking is restricted to just 3 hours on weekdays and in the winter street parking is often not an option. Widening your driveway will double your parking and greatly reduce the inconvenience of playing driveway Tetris. 

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