Backyard Yard Landscaping

The backyard can set the tone for your lifestyle. The backyard forms a place in which you can relax and entertain with style. A&Z Interlock Design Build offers an industry leading 4-year warranty and you should accept nothing less. We have been re-designing backyard in Ottawa since 2005 and our name is synonymous with building your dream yard on time and with in your budget.

Backyard landscaping is the best way to take control over the bugs that prevent you from enjoying your yard past dusk.

Choosing the right plants and adding in some hardscapes you will find your yard has far less mosquitoes meaning you can enjoy your yard without the deet perfume us Ottawan’s have become accustomed to.

Your backyard could become a place to spend all of your vacations. But not for just a week at a time… every night, weekend, and holiday for the foreseeable future! An investment in landscape design is something that will pay for itself in a short period of time. A backyard landscape gives you and your family a place to relax that requires low maintenance. See some of our suggested packages below to get some inspiration on how to transform your yard today.

You may want an outdoor kitchen & grill area to host dinner parties, or a layout that provides an open and safe area for kids to play.

Whatever your requirements, A&Z Interlock Design Build will actualize your dreams into reality. Our extensive knowledge and experience have come in handy in the design and construction of different landscapes. To get started, contact us to get a free consultation with our design expert. We will create a space that you will not want to leave; it will be you perfect getaway just steps away from your door.

Key features of a new backyard:

  • Design a hardscape and choose plants which limit mosquitoes and other pests
  • Create a new room outdoors, kitchen, dining, living, relaxing
  • Design an area that makes the best from limited spaces
  • Enhance the look with geometric layouts for gardens (rectangles, circles, arcs)
  • Create a style that matches or compliments the architecture of your home (modern, traditional, tropical, country)
  • Maximize the value you get from your pool, or spa
  • Invest in the value of your home
  • Entertain, relax, live, grow

Why Choose Us?

Our promise to you is to create a landscaping or interlock project customized for you, on-time and on-budget.