Create a landscape that is good for the environment and the longevity of your patio.

A&Z Interlock Design and Build always recommends choosing landscaping products that are suitable for the climate and ecology in Ottawa.  Interlocking pavers are a great choice because they are water permeable which will help to manage melting snow and summer thundershowers.  

Surfaces like concrete and asphalt have nowhere for the collecting water to escape.  The water must be directed to drains and sewers. Because of freezing and thawing, these surfaces can become uneven rendering the drains less effective creating pools of water.  Over time these pools can damage your driveway or patio. Interlocking pavers help fight against flooding and have positive effects on the environment.

How do they work?

Water permeable pavers are not porous.  The gaps between the pavers allow water to pass through into the sub-base where water is absorbed until it can filter into the soil and groundwater below.  

How do interlock pavers help the environment?

Managing Runoff

Runoff can cause serious erosion and silt deposits in local water systems.  Permeable interlocking pavers provide a solid surface that can withstand vehicular traffic but also allow the water to filter through the soil naturally.  In Ottawa managing runoff is very important in the spring since there is lots of melting snow and rain.  

Controlling Pollutants

If you wash your car or leak oil on asphalt or concrete, all those chemicals flow down into the sewer or drainage system polluting the water.  The Interlocking pavers sub-base and soil filter these contaminants out of the water before it enters back into the groundwater.

Root Friendly

A water permeable surface allows for air and water to pass through making a more hospitable environment for the roots of plants and trees.  Integrating landscape design with healthy ecological practices will help plants and trees thrive. 

How do they help me?

The advantage for the homeowner is a long lasting foundation and uniform surface that will look great for year and years.  A&Z Interlock Design Build care about the customer and the local environment. We will help you choose a product that suits your design, and help to create sustainability in the Ottawa environment.