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Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall made of stone can be preferred to create dramatic changes in elevation if your lawn has a slope or higher and lower ground. The wall is easy and quick to build, and is strong enough to hold soil in place.

Retaining walls help to create a unique landscape. Here are some reasons behind why people build them.

  • Retaining Walls Provide a Simple Solution. You do not have to take out a hill or level the entire garden to create the desired landscape. Retaining walls are environmentally friendly and can be used to serve different purposes.Also, you may not realize that basement walls can also be retaining walls, and that retaining walls have been and still are used in hillside farming.
  • They Are Affordable.
    The installation of a retaining wall can be carried out at an affordable cost. Compared to other landscaping options, retaining walls are cheaper, easier to install, and time-saving. Not to mention, the environmental impact is minimal.
  • Retaining walls are attractive.
    They can be used to create a desirable appearance to the lawn. We can design and construct the wall to match the design of a home and other landscaping features in the backyard. We can help achieve a classic or modern look.

Retaining Wall Ideas

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