As we head into the new year, we want to consider new trends in home design and upgrades to our hardscapes. As many people are aware, backyard, driveway and pathway paving (hardscapes) are important factors in the overall curb appeal of your home. For our team at A & Z Interlock Design and Build, this means a spring season filled with design, planning and preparation for our customers in the Ottawa region. Here’s what we think will be this year trends:

    Whilst homeowners in the past have opted for smooth, unembellished driveways and pathways, this new year will see a new rising trend in texturing. Interlocking stones, custom bricks and decorative accent finishes will become an absolute staple in exterior design and landscaping.As experts, we recommend opting for varying textures as well as vividly contrasting colours and patterns, selected to match your home’s exterior decoration, landscaping elements and foliage. Mix and match styles to create rustic finishes in stonework, or incorporate elements of smooth concrete for that rather dramatic, modern flair.
    The largest trend in modern exterior landscaping is geometric design as well as incorporating elements of light and nature. Natural stone and concrete blends interlock for a more sleek and refined look, featuring heavy shapes and distinct separations between the textures.
    This time old method of adding coziness and warmth to your driveway receives an upgrade through the addition of inlaid lighting within your hardscapes. Decorate and illuminate your driveways and walkways with extra light in your garden and patio, plus the added safety bonus.Inlaid lighting elements can cast the light upwards or downwards, and can be installed within the paving as well as beneath your roof for a downward illumination of your driveway, patio or other hardscapes. Do take note that you can always opt for the more commonly used side lamps, or lanterns.
    If you’re like us, you may be wondering how you’re supposed to add green elements to your concrete/stone slabs, and what’s the point of doing so in the first place? When adding pieces of gardening such as ferns, deep green grasses, flowering vines and natural tones, you help to perpetuate the illusion that your paving is natural and seamlessly integrated with your home’s exterior. Throughout the year of 2017, we saw homeowners moving away from standard greys, whilst more and more customers requested natural beige, grey and buff colours meant to accentuate more of the natural foliage and landscaping around their home.We highly believe this trend will continue, as homeowners add more and more natural varieties into gardens and outdoor décor. Thus, we believe interlocking and natural stones will be one of the most highly requested installations in regards to hardscaping preferences.

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