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Home Sweet Home

Any story about a family begins from home. Nothing beats the feeling of arriving home after a long day at work. A & Z Interlock Design Build works hard to ensure that our clients experience the sensation of coming home to a property that’s stunning and comforting. The team designs landscapes that increase the market value of the home. Landscaping will be the best investment to make.

The Hate-to-Leave package is a unique illustration of the space we can create with our budgetary numbers. All projects are customized to provide your dream landscape. The following projects are good examples of what we can achieve.

Stone Driveway Border

The stone border to the driveway will provide value and appeal to the home.


Armor stone Walkway and Steps

Armor stone is used to give lasting character to the frontage. It is durable and provides beauty to the walkway and front entrance. Walkways create a focal point to the front door and the home, which makes them more inviting to your guests.


Plantings, Greenery and Mulch

Having beautiful blooming flowers and lush greenery is refreshing and relaxing especially when outdoors enjoying the summer weather. With the right choice of plants and flowers, you will be in a position to add color, elevation, fragrance, privacy and texture.

Mulch can be used to give a different sense of elevation and to improve the architectural look of your property.  Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will help in selecting the right plants and mulch color to match the design of the home.

With Kentucky Blue Grass, your lawn will be beautiful, lush and finely textured.


Knee Wall

Knee walls add texture and distinction to your home and your yard. The knee wall will carry the home’s architectural features into the yard’s landscape. Add distinction and character to your home by having accent walls to the yard’s radius, borders, paths, and driveways.


Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting will improve the prominent features of your home, and can provide a great and exciting look. Properly designed lighting will increase both the safety and security of the property.


Address Stone

A & Z Interlock Design Build will install an address stone that will help to elevate the look and feel of your property. It will eliminate the risk of your guests getting lost or deliveries failing to reach you in good time.

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Please give us a call for an estimate if you are thinking about improving or maintaining landscaping for your Ottawa home. A & Z Interlock Design Build are expert landscapers and offer services in the areas of Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, Nepean and the surrounding Ottawa Valley region. Their specialties include general landscaping, interlock, decks, and fences.