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Add A Deck To Your Ottawa Home

Decks are a notable addition to the home with the intention of expanding the living space – starting from the inside to the outdoors. The backyard provides an excellent space to sit back, relax and enjoy a cold drink. It can be made into an unforgettable getaway with built-in planters, outdoor furniture, and even an attached pergola.

The deck is more than a place to sit for a family – it’s where unforgettable memories are made. You will remember your parents sitting on the porch watching the children play, or cooking a meal on the grill, or sipping a favorite beverage.

By designing your deck, you have the opportunity to make it whatever you desire it to be. Your options may be a place to entertain friends for a barbecue or game night, and a place for activities for the whole family. We can design decks that serve both purposes. A custom deck could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.


Decking Options and Maintenance

Deck designs have evolved over time – just like those of backyard patios – to become stunning. The decks should be longstanding structures used to expand your outdoor living space. The design of a beautiful dream deck is no longer limited to the single-level oblong shape. Design can now incorporate multiple levels made of elegant lines.

Decks make a house look more attractive and can also provide a wider living space. Overall, they are a great addition to any home. A deck designed will lighten the mood at the home, and provides access to expansive outdoor views and fresh air.  The deck will provide an ideal spot for a good book, cold refreshments, and even for special evening occasions.

Numerous designs are available, and depending on materials and the complexity of installation, may be more expensive. The designs can include contemporary and the vintage styles, with everything in between. Putting in a few decorations will result in an overall more appealing look.

We at A & Z Interlock Design Build think that decks are a great addition to Ottawa homes. Though the winters are long and appear to be never ending, the summers provide a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. You and your family can enjoy a day out, and then come back home to prepare a meal on the grill. Once you’ve installed a deck, you’ll never look back.

By using special design features, we ensure that the deck can be used as long as possible during the year. If you are in doubt that the deck will be a great addition to your home, imagine sitting outside on the deck and enjoying the heat of summer and watching the sun set. It couldn’t get any better than that.


Decking Materials

The available deck materials are more modern and provide longevity and high quality. Cedar is the best material since it provides natural quality and beauty. However, pressure-treated timber is the best and the most effective material for building decks. It can also be left untreated to provide a natural look.

Composite materials are also available to achieve elaborate designs and high-end finishes. One such material is PVC (or polyvinyl chloride), which is low maintenance and provides more than 20 years of service without the need for major repairs or total replacement.

Redwood is yet another expensive decking option that is very light, sturdy, and low on maintenance. The darker-colored Redwood is the best for decking because it is naturally resistant to rotting.

Ipe is another type of wood decking that is elegant-looking, strong, and naturally rot-resistant. However, it requires annual maintenance to preserve its rich appearance.

The addition of outdoor furniture to your completed deck will make it ready for use. A & Z Interlock Design Build has an extensive range of materials options and will even assist in the selection of gorgeous outdoor lighting and heating units that will make the deck useable even in the night and colder months.

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