Transforming outdoor spaces

 We specialize in the full landscape design and interlocking stone installation

In the modern day and age, homes are built with a variety of different products and material to generate visual interest. Notably, there has been a blend of traditional and modern contemporary design elements.

Our philosophy at A & Z Interlock Design Build is based on marrying different products and materials to transform spaces in the home. It doesn’t only add to structures, but it helps to create bright interior and exterior spaces in the home.

It could be the design of a pergola, privacy screen or cabana to make the fireplace cozy. A & Z Interlock Design Build will deliver your dream space.


Landscape Enhancement

Refresh – Renew - Reinvent

Our Ottawa landscape enhancement services will maintain and improve the outlook of your property

Front Yard Landscaping

Refresh – Renew - Reinvent

The frontage is the best place to invest your money since it will improve the appeal and the value of the home.

Backyard Yard Landscaping

Refresh – Renew - Reinvent

The backyard can set the tone for your lifestyle. The backyard forms a place in which you can relax.



Contact the Experts Now

If you are considering landscaping improvements for your Ottawa home, please contact us for a landscaping survey and estimate. A & Z Interlock Design Build offers services in the areas of Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, Nepean and the surrounding Ottawa Valley region. Their specialties include general landscaping, interlock, paving, decks, and fences.